Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice Skating!

Earlier this month during the really cold spell, folks were skating on a field at Shelby Farms. They flood it in the winter time and it was a safe frozen place to go skate and play hockey. I thought it was really cool and thought about dragging out my skates to try it out (Ryan wanted to go, too!). Ended up not doing it, and kind of regretted it. I mean, how often do you get the chance to ice skate outdoors in Memphis?

Apparently, more often then you think:

Jillian and I both laid down for naps this morning, but the boys got me back up with the promise of ice skating in the backyard. They seemed to think the ice would hold me.

It did, a little. The patio was the best place to do it.

Then we tried around front. The sidewalks and the road worked out great!

The boys also did a little more sledding, since it will probably melt today.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


When I awoke on Friday morning, the threat of bad weather had already closed Ryan's school. It started soon after, icing up our back porch. Changed to snow for about a half hour (unexpected), but then remained all day as sleet and freezing rain. Scott worked from home and we had a very fun day! Ryan and Scott went out, but Jillian and I waited until today to venture out ourselves. It was fun, the kind of snow that is crusty on top and you can walk on. Everything was a sheet of ice!

Jillian's first "snow" experience.

She even crawled around on it:

But then started getting a little cold:

So Scott sheilded her from the wind:

Some ice shots:

Ryan stomping the ice in the front yard :

Watching Ryan sled:

Our coaster got a hole in it last year and we haven't bought a new one yet. The boogie boards worked just fine:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What she's into

Climbing on things (things put there to keep her from digging in the dirt of the plant next to the couch):

Pulling things off shelves and out of baskets:
She is also starting to stand without holding anything for a second or too, but I haven't gotten that on camera yet.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

Jillian in January

We've been trying on all sorts of new (and hand-me-down) 12 month outfits this month.

Christmas present from the Hanlon's:

Christmas present from the Richardson Lauve's:

Hand-me-down from Ava (plus new tights and Robeez from my Heidi that finally fit):

Christmas outfit from the Foley's:

Like how she is reaching up for the piano? She likes to get the keys.
And, Katy, we tried on your cute daisy outfit, too, but I didn't get a picture.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Girl's Getaway

Spent another fun weekend away with my girlfriends:

We have been doing this every year for the past 3 years (with a few other weekends here and there before that). We get away from our families and spend the weekend scrapbooking. No one really wanted to have their picture taken early Sunday morning, but I insisted on a group shot, so this is what we got!

Also, thought this was kind of funny at a gas station in the middle of Arkansas:

Anyone know what "Horny Goat Weed" is?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two Generations

My mother-in-law handed down this red outfit that was Scott's to me after Ryan was born. I never got around to photographing Ryan in it, but given Jillian's resemblance to Scott, I couldn't pass it up this time. What do you think?

Monday, January 11, 2010

10 Months!

Mommy can't believe it! I am getting so big! How big, we don't know for sure because we haven't weighted me yet, but just look at how big:

In the last month I have really gotten good at eating paper (people kept giving me things wrapped in paper! It was yummy!):

I am also interacting more with people. Mommy is teaching me to use the signs for "milk," "more," and "eat." I', trying them, but not really doing it on my own yet. I am also learning to blow kisses! I like to say the "MMMmma" part of the kiss. I can also say "Da-da," "Ma-ma," and "cat."

Friday, January 08, 2010

More Playing Together

I guess this really is the start of them playing together. Last month it was with Ryan's Bogey Board, now it is hide-and-go-seek.

Ryan hid in Jillian's room and she came looking for him when he called her name. First, she stood up on her tiptoes by the crib looking in it and over it to see where he was.

With a little help from Mama, she started looking under the crib. Found you!

Let me come under, too!

All done, coming back out.

Then, Ryan taught her how to drum on the Diaper Genie:

Monday, January 04, 2010

Into Everything!

Don't leave the doors open or she will go explore. As a matter of fact, when I see her heading down toward Ryan's room, I usually go to check if his door is closed. She pauses to look at me, then quickly turns and takes off! She can crawl super fast when she's on a mission!

And that applies to the refrigerator door, too.

She knows where her stuff is. And she knows what she wants...the top on this bottle broke when she knocked it out, and so she was then able to get it off and drink away!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

More Parties

Today was our day to depart Maryland for our journey home, but not before stops at two more gatherings.

First, the kids and I went to my friend Jenny's house to see some women I used to work with at River Hill. Jenny and Tori are both pregnant (Jenny's being induced Monday and Tori, later in January), so it was very good to see them still pregnant! It was a low key event (Di's got the group picture, I will try to post later), and Ryan got to play with Rachael's boys, Lucas and Nate:

Then, it was on to the annual Bonanno family Christmas party. It was postponed because of the big snow, and now we can go (but my parents and aunt in NC could not).

Jillian crawled around and met some of the family:

Then, Santa arrived and we all waited for presents:

Some of us liked Santa:

And some did not:

Jillian prefers playing with Mama, Daddy, and Aunt Katy:

And, Mom, Scott took these (and many more) for you so you wouldn't miss a thing:

Baby Jake:

Everyone watching:

The coats:

And the meatballs:

Aren't you glad I didn't include ALL the pictures he took? :)