Friday, December 18, 2009

Zoo Lights

We were planning to go to Zoo Lights with a few friends and it...shall we say...snowballed? There were 19 of us at dinner and all but 3 of those went on to the zoo. It was a fantastic night! So fun to have many of my good friends there to laugh with and for Ryan to have many of his friends there to be crazy with.

One of the best parts of the night was that after a week of really cold evenings, Friday was a beautiful warm day, and Friday night was very mild.

Ryan, Ava, Arlan, Mario, and Helen playing in the "snow" in the plaza:

All the kids (Mason, Helen, Ava, Ryan, Mario, Arlan, Lila, Parker, and Jillian):

Just one of the many light displays (with Mason, Ryan and Parker):

Lila & Mario:

And, what Ryan had been waiting for, Santa! Jillian was a bit freaked, but stayed long enough for me to get a picture. Ryan then told Santa what he wanted (a scooter, Bakugans, legos, a bell from his sleigh and a play purse for Jillian).

Then home for the highlight of the evening...putting out crackers and water for the elf Santa promised was coming tonight! Stay tuned!

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