Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas Program

St. George's had their Junior Kindergarten Christmas Program this morning. I had heard many of the songs, as Ryan has been singing them around the house on a regular basis lately, but it was so good to see the whole group!

Ryan loves to perform, and after this, he may have a future in directing, too. He came home and wanted to direct me in a performance! He's been watching Mrs. Mathes very carefully!

In addition to the songs, they did two dances, one for the boys and one for the girls. I had heard from his teachers that Ryan was doing such a good job (even after missing practice before Thanksgiving), that they put him up front so the other kids could follow him!

He got so many compliments afterward at the reception, that he got all shy. We are so proud!


Aunt Sandy said...

Good job Ryan! Uncle Kirk and I wish we lived closer to see your performance - we miss you all!

Aunt Katy said...

Nice job, Ryan!! So proud of you!

nanny said...

Very impressive. Love you Ryan

cory said...

Oooh he was awesome! Ryan was born to march. Go Ryan! Excellent rhythm!