Monday, November 23, 2009

The Southern Route

Because of the rockslide on route 40, we took a southern route through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina to get to North Carolina for Thanksgiving week.

And because we were going past Charlotte to Pinehurst for the first few days, we decided to do the drive out in two days.

And when we looked at the map for a halfway point, we remembered some good friends who lived northeast of Atlanta, just off of our route. They graciously said, "Sure, come on over on a Sunday night and spend some time with us!"

And we are SO GLAD they did. We hadn't seen Suzanne, Cameron, or Garrett since May of 2004, so they had not even met Ryan. They welcomed us into their wonderful, cozy (it had been rainy and cold the whole drive) home. Suzanne's parents, long-time family friends of Scott's family, came up and joined us for dinner. And Ryan, well, he disappeared into the basement with the boys and was not heard from for a few hours. They did come upstairs to show us this:

Suzanne with Jillian:

Me and the kids before the start of the second leg of the drive:

Suzanne, her older brother, Brian, and younger sister Abby, grew up going on trips with Scott's family. Now that we all have kids, I see some second (or is it third?) generation trips in our future!

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