Wednesday, November 11, 2009

8 Months Old!

Oh yeah! Who's 8-months-old? That'd be me!

I'm giving Mama a really hard time with photo shoots these days. Even with my big brother's help. First, she tries to distract me with some other object that she really doesn't want in the picture.

Then, she tries to sneak that sign in. Hey! Isn't that the same sign I tried to eat last month?

Mmm. Still tastes good!

I could use it as a hat!

You don't really want a picture of me, do you Mommy?

OK, how about this?

Enough of that, let me tell you what I have been up to. I weigh 16 lbs 14 ozs and do not want to lay down on that scale anymore!
If you check in here often, you already know I am crawling. I am also pulling up like a fiend now. I mean, on everything!
Getting into some tricky places.

And checking out some of my big brother's stuff. How do I get down from here?!

I love being outside. It's been beautiful down here lately, so Mommy and my sitter, Miss Kelly have been taking me outside a lot! I even fell asleep with my friend Dakota on a blanket Miss Kelly brought to the park with us the other day!
I like crawling in the grass and eating what I find!
On second thought, maybe not!
And I LOVE taking baths! Since I am sitting up, Mommy puts me in the big tub. I love splashing and having water poured over me!


Anonymous said...

The last one is my favorite! - love those big brown eyes!

- Sonya

Cory said...

Wonderful details of Jillian! Love it!