Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!

It's somebody's birthday! We celebrated last night since we will be on the road making our way back to Memphis tonight.

Ryan loves to sing, "Happy Birthday to you, cha-cha-cha!"

And don't you think it's more fun to blow out the candles if you have alittle someone to help you?

A present for Scott or Ryan?

And one more time this morning (because you can never have "Happy Birthday" sung to you too many times!)

Friday, November 27, 2009


Scott requested someplace different for lunch, so Dad took us to Jake's. It's an old gas station outside of Charlotte (and having been to Watershed which is in an old gas station outside of Atlanta, I have no problem with this!). It is soon to be featured on a food network show (Diners, Dives and Drive-Ins, I think?) and it was great!

We all got a little silly:

And after eating, we played photo shoot in hopes of getting a Christmas card photos. We got some, but you woll have to wait a week or two to see them! DId get these cute ones and some of the new ones posted over to the right.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Snapshots from Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving with family. That's exactly how I felt about this trip. It included some of my favorite things.

A trip to the park:

Scott challenged me to jump up on this stool. Took a few tries.
Some loving from Nanny:

Two full Mexican Train games (one of which Ryan played!):

Learning to knit from Aunt Gus:
And of course, the day itself. Preparing:
Going down to Aunt Gus's to get the turkey (she lives about 6 houses down from my parents):
The feast:
The family and friends:

And the nap:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We met up with Scott's parents in Pinehurst, NC to visit and spend some time with his grandfather. While there, Dad got some new hair:

And, of course, everyone wanted to try it out:

Pop-pop was looking very good and was able to go out to lunch with us today.

Four generations of Beatty men:

Jillian getting some loving from Miss Barbara:

Jillian with her grandparents:

To make it easier, Scott rented us a house. While he and Dad went out for 9 holes (how can you go to Pinehurst and not play some golf?!), Ryan, Mom and I decorated turkey cookies! Ryan was also doing his turkey impression:

And Jillian's favorite thing was napping on Grammy:

Or maybe it was playing with Casey:

Ryan certainly liked taking him for walks:

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Southern Route

Because of the rockslide on route 40, we took a southern route through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina to get to North Carolina for Thanksgiving week.

And because we were going past Charlotte to Pinehurst for the first few days, we decided to do the drive out in two days.

And when we looked at the map for a halfway point, we remembered some good friends who lived northeast of Atlanta, just off of our route. They graciously said, "Sure, come on over on a Sunday night and spend some time with us!"

And we are SO GLAD they did. We hadn't seen Suzanne, Cameron, or Garrett since May of 2004, so they had not even met Ryan. They welcomed us into their wonderful, cozy (it had been rainy and cold the whole drive) home. Suzanne's parents, long-time family friends of Scott's family, came up and joined us for dinner. And Ryan, well, he disappeared into the basement with the boys and was not heard from for a few hours. They did come upstairs to show us this:

Suzanne with Jillian:

Me and the kids before the start of the second leg of the drive:

Suzanne, her older brother, Brian, and younger sister Abby, grew up going on trips with Scott's family. Now that we all have kids, I see some second (or is it third?) generation trips in our future!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Jillian's latest trick!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And now, Ryan can do this, too...

We practiced a little this summer, but never got all the parts together. Riding was okay, but stopping wasn't going too well. I got the idea a few weeks ago that maybe this could be Ryan's gift to Scott for his birthday. So Ryan, Jillian and I went to Shelby Farms a few times after school to practice. The first trip he learned to stop, but was having trouble steering. This time he got it (although he still needs help getting started)!

The coolest part for me, the part I was most proud of him for (like when he was reading last night) was that he did not get frustrated today! He did not give up!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And Something new Ryan is learning...

Apparently, they are really working on the sounding out at school, because Ryan was trying it more than I have ever heard him tonight as I read a Magic Tree House book to him. So I got out something easier for him to read.

He was able to get through this whole page without getting frustrated and giving up. I am so proud of him!! Reading, here we come!

Something new Jillian can do...

That's Ryan and I in the background encouraging her.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

8 Months Old!

Oh yeah! Who's 8-months-old? That'd be me!

I'm giving Mama a really hard time with photo shoots these days. Even with my big brother's help. First, she tries to distract me with some other object that she really doesn't want in the picture.

Then, she tries to sneak that sign in. Hey! Isn't that the same sign I tried to eat last month?

Mmm. Still tastes good!

I could use it as a hat!

You don't really want a picture of me, do you Mommy?

OK, how about this?

Enough of that, let me tell you what I have been up to. I weigh 16 lbs 14 ozs and do not want to lay down on that scale anymore!
If you check in here often, you already know I am crawling. I am also pulling up like a fiend now. I mean, on everything!
Getting into some tricky places.

And checking out some of my big brother's stuff. How do I get down from here?!

I love being outside. It's been beautiful down here lately, so Mommy and my sitter, Miss Kelly have been taking me outside a lot! I even fell asleep with my friend Dakota on a blanket Miss Kelly brought to the park with us the other day!
I like crawling in the grass and eating what I find!
On second thought, maybe not!
And I LOVE taking baths! Since I am sitting up, Mommy puts me in the big tub. I love splashing and having water poured over me!