Thursday, October 08, 2009

Yeah, Redbirds!

A few weeks ago, we got to go to see our AAA Redbirds play first in the conference championship (which they won in three straight games!) and then the Pacific League championship (which they won again in three straight games!).

Unfortunately, they lost in extra innings in a one game series to the Durham Bulls for the grand AAA National championship, but we are still pretty proud!

Tonight, they invited fans down to the stadium to see the trophy,

tour the clubhouse,

hang out in the dug out,

and play on the field:

It was very fun!
Jillian wanted her picture taken with Rockey, the mascot:


Katy said...

Cute pics!! What a neat experience. And be sure to tell Jillian when she gets older that when Ryan was her age he was scared of Rocket (remember that?). That should come in handy one day...

Katy said...

Oh, and the pic of Jilly in the dugout is a riot. She has this look on her face like "Hmm. I appear to be in a dugout. I think that's kinda cool so I'll just chill for a bit."