Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hooray! Halloween is finally here! I got the kids costumes done this morning (although I have had them planned in my head for awhile now). Ryan is Wall-E and Jillian is Eve from the movie Wall-E (if you havn't seen the movie, go watch it. It's good!)

We got dressed up for our neighborhood parade. This was Jillian's only time dressing up, as she was sacked out by the time trick-or-treating started. And I figured she wouldn't keep that head/helmet on, but I got at least one good shot, so I'm ok with that.

Without the helmet, everyone thought she was an angel. I'm ok with that, too, but if she was an angel, I'd have made it a better angel. You know, halo, better wings.

The costume was good for snacking on:
Our friend Claire:

And her brother Jesse:

The whole bunch before the parade:

And during the parade:

A few of the left-leaning stroller babies:

Ryan ready to go trick-or-treating:

And his haul at the end of the night:

Happy Halloween!


Gretchen said...

Please never stop your blog.....I love it so much!! We have such cute neighbors!!!!

nanny said...

so terrific!

Kelley said...

The left leaning stroller babies crack me up! :) Cute pics, glad y'all had a fun night.

JenniferL. said...

Those costumes look great, you did an excellent job on them. Is there a story behind why Ryan is carrying a cooler for his treats as opposed to a pumpkin or bag?