Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun

We have had a good time around our house getting ready for Halloween. Every time I turn around, Ryan is drawing a pumpkin or a ghost and hanging it up with tape somewhere.

Last night for dinner we got creative and had eyeballs and brains (and the leftover eyeballs will be quick meatball subs for tonight!):

Here's the front of the house. Ryan made the bats hanging from the lights and the ghosts at the bottom:

He hung the bat and the spooky pumkin monster on the mirror:

And we made spiders and pumpkins out of egg cartons for the dining room:

My big project today was getting these up in our front windows:

Kind of fun!


nanny said...

Love the decorations! So creative.

JenniferL. said...

Super Cute! Love the windows!