Sunday, September 06, 2009

Weekend at the Lake

We spent the weekend at Greer's Ferry Lake. Saturday morning, I got this shot from the porch of Matt and Barb's cabin. Bet you didn't know hummingbirds actually sit still every now and then.

It was a rainy morning, and Matt hadn't arrived yet, so we went exploring. Wandered down some roads near the dam in Heber Springs and found a few overlooks.

Saturday afternoon, the boys went out on the boat in their continuing quest for fish. They caught a few 10 inch bass, but nothing they kept (waiting on Scott for the picture). They picked Jillian and I up after some nice afternoon naps and reading time and we had dinner on the boat.

Sunday, The boys went out to golf and Ryan and I took Jillina for her first swim in the lake. She got in again when we all went out on the boat. I have been waiting to take her swimming for a number of reasons...didn't want to over expose her to sun or sun screen, she was too small for swimmy diapers, she was too small for the hand-me-down swimsuit I had (and I was too cheap to buy another for the small amount of swimming we'd be doing). Well, turns out, the diapers and suit fit just fine:

The life vest says 0-30 pounds, but seems a little big still. Don't worry, she's not going to pop out of it. It is secure, just hugs her face a bit.

And she seemed to like being in the water. She's just starting to gain balance in sitting up on dry land, so I definitely had to watch her in this floaty thing. I don't think we used this for Ryan until he was almost 1, so it should work even better next summer for her.

Ryan went out with Scott on the tube on Saturday, and Jillian sat in the tube on Sunday:

The weather was gorgeous after the initial rain, and we were treated to some beautiful sunsets:

and a full moon.

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cory said...

That hummingbird shot is AMAZING! Better enter that in the fair contest next year. :)