Thursday, September 10, 2009

Delta Fair

I think fairs may be one of Ryan's favorite things right now. This is our third year attending the Delta Fair. There is no getting around going because we drive by it everyday on our way to school. First it was just seeing the banner hanging at the Agricenter (end of July). Then, the week before, the trucks started arriving and setting up rides. On those days, we would ride through the fairgrounds on our way home from school to check the progress. Then, finally, it was here! Unfortunately we were at the lake, then our second attempt to go fell through (you would have thought the workd was ending based on Ryan's reaction). Finally, our whole family went tonight!

I had been waiting for it, too, because this year, I entered a few things in the fair. They do not notify you if you win, you have to go check it out. Here's what I found:

My red velvet cake (my great-aunt's recipe, handed down to me from my mom) won second place! I am ecstatic! I do not consider myself a super cook, so to win in this category was great!

Here's third:

And first:

Not sure what any of them tasted like, but on appearance alone, I'd say the judge's did a good job. Plus, first place also won "Best of Show" which I think is out of all the cakes, so how could I top that? :)

With our gardening fun this year, it crossed our minds to enter some veggies. Don't think we could top this:

The photo I entered (Ryan with his strawberry) did not place, but my tagbook scrapbook won first place!

Now, I'm trying to figure what to enter next year! Ryan wants to, too!
Next it was on to food and rides.

And a show:

Ryan rode some more daring rides this year, including a kid version of the ride that drops you down, and a small roller coaster (with me).


nanny said...

Congratulations, Amy. Great job. Shame the cake had to go to waste! YUM! YUM!
Ryan looks like he had a blast. No Jillian with the animals?

shelby said...

That is so super exciting! Congrats Amy, I always knew you were a winner. Mark wants to know if the scrapbook that won had him in it. ;-)


cory said...

Congrats on the wins Amy! Awesome story!