Sunday, August 02, 2009

Visiting with Friends

Our friends, the Barbour's, hosted a party for a bunch of our friends while we were back in Maryland. Folks got to meet Jillian, the kids played outside and got wet, the grown-ups drank sweet tea vodka drinks, and Mr. Jason did a magic science show.

Jillian made some new friends:

Not so sure about Mr. Shane (she was actually getting tired)!

I have a feeling these two are going to be buddies!

Ryan and Ketzel filling up the pool:
Ketzel on the swing:

Larry swinging Wesley:
Sweet little Emily:
Kids and grown-ups alike were captivated by the magic show! Zoe assisted in changing the color of the water, then making if fizz:
Then, she had Mr. Shane test to see if it was acid:
The next two tricks involved not getting wet! First, Mr. Jason didn't get Zoe wet, despite holding a jar full of water upside-down , over her head!
Cardboard under the jar, keeping the water in:
Removing cardboard:
Cardboard off, water stays in!
And what happens when you spin a bucket of water over your head? Thankfully, Amy, Jason, and Shane did not get wet!
I think Wesley wanted to get in on it, too!
And, finally, the most popular trick of the day. See the cup on Ryan's head?
Do you see it now? It's been blown off from many feet away (it's above the pool at the top of the picture-almost missed it!):
Here's the device that blew it off. You can't see the wind that comes out of it, so Jason filled it up with smoke, which you can see coming out of the hole:
And the really cool part is that the wind comes out in little rings. Even cooler, is that Scott actually caught one on camera!

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