Friday, August 07, 2009


My In-Laws were so sweet to watch Jillian for awhile yesterday and today so we could go to the beach with Ryan. Yesterday was cloudy and threatening rain, but we had fun anyway. Ryan did AMAZING on his boogie board. Got right out there and rode it!




Scott rode, too:

I just like this one:

And Jillian chilled out at home while Grammy played photographer with Casey:

Today, it took us awhile, but after breakfast at Layton's and a walk on the boardwalk, we finally got out in the sun!

Ryan and Scott dug a big hole

and kept finding these:

Here's one swimming in the hole:

Relaxing under the umbrella:

And more boogie board time:

The water and air temperatures were great today!

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nanny said...

Your pictures of Ryan boogie boarding are really great and make me soooo want to go to the beach!!!!