Friday, June 26, 2009

Vacation Bible School

We tried Vacation Bible School for the first time this year at our church, St. Ann's. I was nervous...I knew Ryan could handle being there, but I was worried that since he didn't really know anyone else doing it, he might have trouble. I was wrong on many fronts.

We got there the first day, he found his group and sat right down, jumping right back into my sweet, school-boy Ryan (no matter how crazy he gets for us at home, I can usually count on him to behave for other people like teachers and babysitters. Such a nice thing). He didn't even kiss me good-bye.

Then, it turns out there were people we knew there...his friend Emily from soccer:

and a daughter of a friend of mine, Ainsley, whom we drove to VBS most of the week, and whom Ryan is now totally enamored with!

He loved his group leaders,

the singing and dancing,

the arts and crafts,

and I think he will do it again next summer and have an easier time starting PRE and doing the children's liturgy, all of which he is old enough for in the fall.
Funny little story: I overheard them one of the days I picked Ryan up, but I couldn't quite make out what the were saying. Later, I was reading Ryan some of the thins on the sheet he brought home and when I said, "God is Powerful," Ryan shouted, "Fear God!" I thought, OK, I don't think I want my child fearing God, but if that's what they are saying...A few days later, I was reading the stickers on a bracelet he made and they said, "Fear Not!" and Ryan verified that he had been confused and that was what they had been saying. OH! That's much better.

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