Thursday, July 09, 2009

Staycation: Day 2

Today was a trip to the Memphis Zoo. Though we are members here, we have not been in awhile. This was Jillian's first trip.

It's been a sad week at the Memphis Zoo. On Monday morning, one of our elephants delivered a healthy calf and seemed to be doing very well mothering it. Everyone was so had been a long time coming...did you know elephants have an almost 2 year pregnancy? Then came news yesterday that the mother had accidently killed the calf with her tusk when trying to pick it up. We are very sad around here.

But, we still had a nice day with our friends. Our favorite exhibit was the new Birds & Bees exhibit. You can buy a treat on a stick and try to get the birds to eat off of it!

Parker, Ryan, Neely, and Zander.

Lila and Emmy

Ryan and Jillian

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