Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Old Friends

My best friend from high school, Jeanne, came to visit us. It's funny how it all came about...she had mentioned something on Facebook about seeing all the pandas in American zoos. She had seen 3 of the 4 (DC, Atlanta, and San Diego) and someone asked where the 4th was. I was quick to chime in that they were in Memphis and we'd love to have her come visit and see them!

So, Jeanne added us to her 2009 Summer Road trip and the rest is history (although, I should mention she said she was going to stay in a hotel and I said, no way. I guess we both feared it could be a bit awkward, but she was a great guest...going with the flow, hanging with the kiddos, making friends with my friends!).

We did go to the zoo to see Ya-ya and Le-le:

But we also enjoyed the Birds and Bees exhibit:

That night, it was girl's night out as Jennifer and Carrie joined us on Beale Street!

I think this was the most fun I've ever had hanging out on Beale (I've been pregnant at least 3 of the times we've gone out down there, if that tells you anything). We started outside at Silky O'Sullivan's.

Then after a stop at Rum Boogie (Eat. Drink. Boogie. Repeat.) and some funny sunglasses at a souvenir shop

it was over to B.B. King's for more fun and good music. There was this sign announcing the cover as we entered

to which we all said, "That's a really big 3." So, she added the smaller one at the bottom. :)

Carrie proved to be the most popular in our group (she is pretty hot, don't you think), and got to dance with this nice southern guy:

I asked Jeanne if I should save her and she replied only if Carrie gave us "the look." She eventually did, and I cut in. The guy looked to dance with me and I quickly told him I wanted to dance with Carrie!

So, here's to good friends!

The last day of her visit was kind of mellow. We were trying to get ready for our big road trip, so we skipped the planned Redbird's game, but we did go to the last swim day at Carrie's where Ryan jumped in with his friends, did some belly flops, and played with the noodle.

Overall, a great visit, and we hope she comes back again!

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Jeanne said...

I had a BLAST!! Loved your family, your house, your friends, the tourist spots... And I've always loved YOU! *hug* Will definitely be back for another visit!

Smiles, hugs and love,