Sunday, June 21, 2009


We welcomed a house full of visitors this weekend for Jillian's baptism. Nanny & Gramps, Aunt Katy, Grammy, Grandad and their dog Casey, and Mark and Shelby. Everyone wanted to play with Jillian.

Aunt Katy and Nanny:

Mark (Jillian's godfather):


Jillian took an awesome nap on Shelby:

We also enjoyed meeting and playing with Casey. Jillian wasn't so sure at first,

but got used to his licks:

Ryan found a friend who never tired of tickles and tackles:

And who would play in his fort with him:

We also took him on a walk to the Bartlett dog park up the street:

Casey was a very good dog. His only transgression all weekend was getting ahold of this:

and it's so cute, I think we have to let it slide. I promise you this is not posed! He found the pacifier on the floor and picked it up like this. Got a second one out of her car seat on Monday morning. Needless to say, I bought a few new ones. :)

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