Sunday, June 14, 2009


Friday night, on my way to drop Ryan and Jillian off with Scott and head to the concert with Amy and Barb, I got stuck in a major storm. I had seen it on TV before I left home, but thought we'd make it to the office before it came through, and was running late, so I headed out anyway.

I was going down Appling (right by Bellevue) when the brunt of it hit, and I was terrified! The radio said there was a report of a tornado in Midtown heading toward Ellendale (near my home). The rain and wind were very strong, and I didn't think I'd be able to see a tornado if it was coming. I was also not about to take my two kids out of the car and get in a ditch, so I desparately looked for a store or someplace we could go into.

Got us all into a gas station finally (getting soaked in the process) and stayed there until things calmed down.

Looking back now, it seems a bit silly. But I saw this tree come down:

and I freaked a bit. Controlled freaking, mind you, because I was trying very hard not to freak Ryan out.

Seems that the worst of the storm hit north of town (Bartlett and Millington) and a small tornado did touch down just a few miles west of where we were. I haven't seen too much house damage, but lots of trees down, especially Bradford Pears:

This house at the entrance to our neighborhood must have lost 6 or so trees. Scott now wants to chop our small Bradford Pear down before a storm can take it.

We were without power for about 23 hours, but other than that, we were ok.

This morning, another storm came through with massive amounts of rain. The water retention pond actually ran over it's banks and directly into the pond in the next neighborhood.

And Ryan went out in it to get the newspaper!


Katy said...

There's nothing silly about wanting to protect your children (or yourself).

JenniferL. said...

We were in the Family Dollar on Kirby Whitten. I was controlled freaking out too.

Gramps said...

Surf's UP !!!

Aunt Sandy said...

Sarah and I got stuck driving across the Mobile Bay bridge one summer in a heavy downpour - couldn't see a thing - pretty freaky!!
Wondering if that new gray hair of yours is from the storm? ;)