Saturday, June 27, 2009

Picking Blueberries

We have picked blueberries at Jones Orchard, and Ryan and I have picked blueberries in Maryland (Scott and I, too, many moons ago). But I really wanted to check out this blueberry plantation in Mississippi that I had read about many times. They were even featured in Southern Living this month as the best place to pick blueberries in the south.

So we went today (after a great morning at the Memphis Farmer's Market downtown!). Jillian got her third state, and we got a few pounds of sweet blueberries!


The Hanlons said...

You know Sarah and her family went down to Ms. to pick them and they were all picked out!

Abbie Johnson said...

yummm-my parents bought me a bunch of blueberries when they were here last weekend. Too bad no one else likes them!