Sunday, June 07, 2009

New Things

First, when laying on the playmat, Jillian is getting better at hitting things and grabbing them (like the cow below):

Then, on Friday, she was playing on it again while I was in the kitchen. Ryan comes by and I hear him say, "Jillian, are you having tummy time?"

To which I think, 'I didn't put her on her belly.' I go in to see this:

Ryan swears he didn't push her over (we'd seen her get to her side before, but never all the way over), but that he did help get her arm unstuck. We both missed it, so there was a feeling of, did it really happen?

Saturday morning, after being up early to eat and go back to sleep, I found her like this:

She had turned her head to the side and not gotten upset. Last night, she got this way at 3 am and was upset!

So, rolled over two times with none of us seeing it. When she did get up Saturday morning, she treated us to this:

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nanny said...

Way to go Jillian! Hope she starts liking her tummy more or you will have a few sleep deprived nights.