Sunday, May 31, 2009

While we were away...

...the boys had a busy weekend, too.

Thursday, Ryan spent the afternoon with his friend Mason. When Scott picked him up, Ryan, Scott, Doug and Mason all went out to dinner.

After spending the day with his favorite babysitter, Gretchen, on Friday, Ryan went to a Redbird's game with Scott, his business partner, Michael, Michael's kids, Jack and Holly, another business associate, Pat, Pat's wife and two boys. They all sat out on the bluff where the kids could run around and play. They said they had a great time.

Saturday, they mowed the yard, visited some of Scott's properties, and then decided to go camping!

They got a spot in Shelby Forest, had hot dogs and corn for dinner, s'mores for dessert, and popcorn when they watched Ratatouille on Scott's laptop.

Sunday morning, they had eggs and sausage for breakfast, took a hike, then went home. Went to see "Up" that afternoon and went fishing that evening.

Whew! What a weekend!


nanny said...

And you thought you were busy just catching up with family!!!!

Aunt Sandy said...

I do that the Alabama shirt that he can finally wear after all this time?!! :)