Saturday, May 23, 2009


We finally made it out to go strawberry picking! Scott and I LOVE to pick fresh fruits and vegetables. I was also excited because it was a little cloudy and I thought it'd be a great day to practice a little photography. Here's what we came up with...

I think the rows of strawberries make for an interesting backdrop.

I LOVE Cory's camera (Cory, I LOVE your camera!). Look how clear this shot is!

And this is what I have been dying to be able to do with a camera! LOVE it!

But there's more to the strawberry story. First, we ended up with almost 9 pounds of strawberries! We ate some for lunch, made milkshakes with a bunch, and then prepared to make strawberry jam.

Thought that it was funny when Scott got strawberry juice on the ceiling when it spurted out of the blender. Oh, that mess was nothing compared to what happened when I didn't watch the pot that the strawberry puree was boiling in. It boiled over all over the cooktop and onto the floor. Probably about 3-4 cups of liquid. Burned onto the burner that the pot had been on. More smoke than I have ever seen in our house. Took an hour to clean up. And we have no jam to show for it. And I will very publicly say that my husband is the best for doing the majority of the clean up, because Jillian chose that time to freak out and need to be held.


JenniferL. said...

Oh my GOODNESS!! That picture of Ryan holding the strawberry belongs in a magazine, SO GOOD!

JenniferL. said...

And btw, where is it that you guys went to pick strawberries? I would love to do that too!

Kelley said...

You need to educate the people on how to take pics like that!! Absolutely mahvelous!

cory said...

Such good memories of picking strawberries (and eating them with chocolate!) with you and Scott that spring!
Hooray for your pictures! So glad you are enjoying the camera. xoxo!