Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meeting Family

The unexpected trip Jillian and I took to Maryland this week was for a sad reason. My great-uncle, who also happened to be my godfather, passed away on Wednesday. He was my grandmother's brother, so this was especially hard on her, having already lost my gradfather earlier this year. Here is Uncle Jack and Aunt Althea at my grandparent's anniversary party last November.

I have such fond memories of being with him and his family and we will miss him.

The upside of the trip is that Jillian got to meet many of her family members we hadn't planned on seeing until our trip in August.

Cousins, Matt & Rachel:

Aunt Marcy:

Uncle Mike:

Cousin Laura and Aunt Eileen:

Her great-grandmother, Mom-mom (in her new apartment!):

Cousin Brian:

Here are some other good shots from the trip.

Four generations:

Three girl cousins:

Look who's holding her head up so well!

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