Friday, January 09, 2009

Project 365

OK, everyone else around here has posted about this, so I feel like I should, too. Plus, I have this really funny picture to go along with it...

The concept is to take a picture everyday, which lots of people have been doing and posting on blogs, etc. Why? To improve one's photo skills and to document some of the little things that take place in your life everyday.

The concept gained momentum in December when Creating Keepsakes decided to sell a kit to display these 365 pictures, plus add journaling and some decorative touches. And they decided to sell it for only $35ish (for those of you who know nothing about scrapping, this is a great deal! An album alone can run that much!). I bought into it as a way to do my family album for 2009. Imagine, being done with 2009 at the end of 2009?! And, highlighting some of life's smaller events that don't usually make it into my family albums.

So, thousands of people logged on on New Year's Day to order one of only 4000 kits. The website crashed, many people were frustrated, the kit sold out.

I had an email confirmation and thought I was good to go. Carrie got a confirmation, and I think Abbie was in, too.

Carrie got hers last Friday, and I have not even gotten a UPS tracking number yet! I am caught up in the frenzy, I admit it, and I am now worried I will not get my kit. Will have to look for an alternative.

Dianne brought her kit over to the crop for all of us to check out. I was envious, but she was envious of my School Days kit from last fall (which is also sold out). We were being a bit silly, took the above picture and titled it, "Though Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Kit."

And, of course, this will be Friday's photo of the day! :)

Edited 1/12: I got through to customer service today and I did make it through on the order, just waiting a bit longer. Whew!


cory said...

So funny! Glad to hear you got one. I can't wait to see this project!

Richard, Kirsten, Mae and Ben said...

Good for you! The kits are selling on eBay for $80-150!