Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Best New Year's Eve Ever!

Our friends and family in Maryland got around 24 inches of snow the weekend before Christmas. So the 3 inches that arrived a bit unexpectedly on the morning of New Year's Eve was nothing. My niece even told Ryan we couldn't build a snowman. She does not understand that this was a big snow for us Memphians!

Jillian's first snow:

Sledding with cousins:

Snow angel:

A snow ball battle (play-by-play):

And, yes, we could build a snowman. After seeing pictures of the 8 foot tall one my cousin Jennifer built, Ryan would settle for nothing less than that.
Rolling the first ball:

Bottom ball:

Ball #2:

Ball #3:


We spent the evening with Scott's family and the last hour of the year we rocked out! It was so much fun!

Here's a bit of the action (it's a little dark, but it's hilarious!):

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Maryland Visits

When we come back to Maryland, we try to squeeze in visits with as many people as possible. Today it was first with Mom-mom for lunch and Christmas presents:

We got a surprise while we were there, as my cousin Jennifer and her husband Jonathan stopped by! I had forgotten Jennifer had not yet met Jillian.

Then it was on to meet up with our Terp friends for our annual Christmas gathering! This one was very fun! Debbie got all the kids matching Christmas pj's and sent them for birthdays throughout the year. We all brought them for tonight:

The really fun part about that picture is that while the little baby will not be here next year (he is with our friends as a foster baby, there will be two new babies as two friends are due this spring!

Here's Ryan and Jillian in their Christmas pj's (I forgot to get one of these on Christmas morning!):

And then it was present time!

Ryan didn't seem to be having too much fun until the girls got the art supplies out. They made pictures for everyone!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Later on Christmas Day

After a yummy breakfast of breakfast burritos, we stayed in our pj's all day and played with our new toys.

Ryan's mini lite brite from Aunt Gus:

A marble maze set from Nanny & Gramps:

A new toy for the cats:

Bop-It (dad got the high score):

And later that evening, we finally put together our gingerbread house. It was more difficult and far more messy than anticipated, but we were quite satisfied with the end product:

Christmas Morning

It has become tradition for Ryan to sleep in our room on Christmas Eve night.

He was delighted to receive a bell from Santa's sleigh:

And the scooter he's been asking for for years!

He drove us a bit crazy naming all his gifts before he even opened them. I suppose (hope) he is in a five-year-old I-know-it-all phase.

Jillian seemed to enjoy Christmas morning:

She seemed to like her presents, and definitely liked the wrapping paper:

She was also lucky enough to have her big brother to help:

Scott and Jillian both got new shades:

Jillian's first princess gift:

Ryan's present to us:

Santa ws definitely good to us this year. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

The reindeer arrived a little early on Christmas Eve morning:

We all got ready for Christmas Eve Mass. Ryan and Jillian are wearing outfits made by my mom:

After Mass. Jillian with her godmother:

The kids:

It was raining hard down here on Christmas Eve, but we weren't as concerned about getting wet after church.
After we ate, everyone got into their pj's and we sprinkled food for the reindeers. Right after these were taken, Scott threw a handful at Aunt Katy (a little harder than he meant to...she had reindeer food in her hair until Christmas night!)

Now we just have to wait for Santa!