Saturday, October 25, 2008


We got together with out college pals this weekend for Maryland's homecoming football game. Unfortunately, the weather didn't hear about our plans and rained down on us. We elected to tailgate at the Cronise's house. Here we ate, the kids played, and caught up despite the power going off.

Scott and Deb checked the weather and reported it clearing out, so some of us headed to College Park for the game. The first quarter was drizzly, but not bad, then the skies opened up. We all sat really still, trying not to get wet, and made it through the first half. I think we were leading at that point.

Stayed to watch the band. They are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the band. There were over 500 alumni on the field, plus the current members. They also started with a 25 member retro original band. It was pretty cool (for us band geeks).

At that point we decided we were wet enough, so we headed back to the cars, and back to the Cronise's for pizza, more friend time and listening to a Terrapin homecomig win (bowl eligible, baby!). Here's the closest we got to truly tailgating:

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