Sunday, October 26, 2008

Great Big Sea!

One of my favorite bands played in Baltimore the night of homecoming. Luckily, the game was early enough that Katy and I could go. It was AWESOME! The band is from Newfoundland and doesn't play down south much, so I haven't seen them for 5 years. The music was so good, they were so connected with the crowd, and I got to see it all with my cool sister. So fun! The venue (Rams Head Live) was very small, yet roomy on the sides if you need to get away for a moment. I highly recommend it if you have the chance to see a favorite band there.

Katy-send me the pics you took so I can add them. Thanks!

1 comment:

Katy said...

Wow...I'm cool? Who knew?
Even blurry, Sean McCann is hottttt. Maybe I should consider relocating to Canada. Yummy.