Thursday, October 30, 2008

A few days at the beach

The next stop for Ryan and I in Maryland, was Grammy & Grandad's house in Ocean City. I brought Ryan's bike along specifically so he could ride on the boardwalk. It was cold this week, so we only got up there once.

Then it was down to the water, because we figured Daddy would ask us if it was cold and we wanted to be able to tell him.

Unfortunately, Mommy was too focused on taking Ryan's picture and forgot to be sure he didn't get more than his hands wet.

He was so good, though! He didn't whine or complain, and actually wanted to ride a little more down to the inlet where we found pirates and parts of their ships!
We also got some salt water taffy while there, but, unfortunately, Fisher's popcorn was not open.

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JenniferL. said...

Love the picture of him walking in the sand.