Sunday, October 05, 2008


We finally did it! Went camping without incident. Last night was perfect weather for it, warm during the day, and chilly enough for a fire and snuggle in the sleeping bags at night.

We headed to Shelby Forest on Saturday afternoon, followed closely by our friends, Matt, Carrie, Lucas and Evan. Spent a few hours setting up camp and collecting wood (a favorite activity for the boys):

While Carrie and I took the boys to the playground, the guys built the fire:

Bill and Parker joined us later on and we made dinner (including potatoes baked on the coals!):

Then it was gathering around the fire eating s'mores until bedtime:

Everyone slept through the night, no one had to go home early, and there were no raccoon attacks.

Bill made us pancakes in the morning and Matt built another fire.

After breaking camp, some of us went on a hike and then headed home. I didn't get many great photos, but Carrie has some others here.

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cory said...

Sounds delightful! Much more comfortable than another camping trip I remember...
hugs to you all!