Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Visitors

The Johnson's left and Mark & Shelby arrived! Shelby surprised Mark for his birthday.

He did not know where he was going until they arrived at the airport on Friday! They arrived late Friday, attended Ryan's soccer game Saturday morning, then went to one of Scott's facilities with us where we did not eat hot dogs (had breakfast at Cracker Barrel after the soccer game and we were stuffed!), but we did all get in the moon bounce!

Kudos to Mark for some great Air Ryan pictures!

Later that evening we went to Interstate BBQ and Beale Street:

Sunday, it was down to the Mississippi River

for a little football:

Thanks for coming guys!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Since I first blogged about Ryan's fall soccer season, we have had 2 games. Won the first two, but lost today. Very excited that Ryan scored the first goal in the first game (in the proper goal this time, Nanny & Gramps!) and had a hat trick (3 goals) today! We are improving!

Warming up:

"Go Panthers!"

"Good Game!"

"Which goal is ours?" "That one"

Corner kick:

Goal (Ryan's #1, BTW)!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hot Air Balloons

Every year, the city of Bartlett has the Bartlett Celebration. On the first evening of the event, they have a balloon glow, where 10 or so hot air balloons offer short tethered rides.

Despite visitors and Tough Enough, I was determined to make it to the balloon glow this year!

We got there before the balloons were ready and got to watch the whole set up. Neither Scott nor I had been up in a hot air balloon, and we were all amazed by the process! It was so beautiful!

First, they blow air into the balloons with a really big fan to get their shape:

Then, they start the heat to warm the air and get the balloon to rise:

It was getting dark, making it difficult to take pictures, but here's some ready to go:

Also difficult to get pictures once in the balloon, as space was tight, so here's Ryan up in the balloon:

And a shot of the balloon we went up in from the ground. It gave a great glow:

My friend, Jennifer took some shots of us up in the balloon and I will post them later.

Tough Enough

St. George's has an event every year called "Tough Enough." I never completely understood what it was about, since it is a lower school event and I taught at the upper school, but I wasn't about to let Ryan miss out, especially after they "practiced" running the race during school on Thursday.

So it turns out to be a big celebration, where families turn out to eat and mingle and get to know one another, in addition to each grade running a race. For PK, JK, and SK, this race is just one length of the soccer field and everyone gets a ribbon.

Ryan was SO excited about this!

Here's some pictures of his friends and classmates:

Ryan & McKinley

Henry, Ryan & Kate (PK friends from Little Georgies last year)

Ryan and I listened to the students sing the National Anthem:

His teachers lined up at the finish line to hand out ribbons (that's Mrs. Lawo and Mrs. Robinson in the pink jackets):

GO! Can you find Scott (blue shirt, arms crossed in the center) and Ryan (below Scott and slightly to the right)?

Here he comes!

Classmates, Griffin, Ryan and Lauren after the race.

Jack (JK), Ryan and Holly show off their ribbons.

Visit from Friends

Our friends Abbie, Noah, Elijah, and Leah, who moved away to Illinois last spring, came for a visit this week! It was very fun to have them stay with us! They were gracious guests, working around my tutoring schedule and Ryan's school schedule.

We had some other friends over Wednesday night to cook out and the kids had a lot of fun in the backyard!

Ryan and Noah had a great time playing together: trains, "building" a tree house, and wrestling.

So good to spend time with them and know that friendships can endure distance and time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Famous Son

One of Scott's facilities hosted a collection of items for Project Package to support the midsouth troops yesterday. We stopped by, had some hot dogs, participated in the cake walk, and played hopscotch. And when the Commercial Appeal reporter came by, she chatted with Ryan and I. Check out the story here.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Who knew a trip to te mall could be so much fun?

We met Melissa and Mason at the mall and took advantage of all the kid stuff!

Playing in the kids play area:

Riding the merry-go-round:

Riding the train:

We also had lunch, toured the Disney store, and munched on cookies!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday Morning (a tribute to my friends)

All good things must come to an end. Do you remember at the end of Ocean's Eleven (the new one, I haven't seen the original), when they are all standing by the fountain outside the Bellagio, and one by one, they leave. That's how I felt Sunday morning.

The Cronise's had the earliest flight, so they said good-bye Saturday night.

After eating brunch with some of us, the Payne's headed back to Philly.

Then, the Barbour's started their road trip back to Maryland.

Next, it was the Bauer's who had a plane to catch.

The remaining folks drove back to Albany, where Shane took his requesite picture of the State Capital building:

Then he and Kennedy

headed back to Pennsylvania, and the Beckett/Bradshaw's went with us in search of lunch. They were the last of the day to head to the airport.

Scott and I stayed one more night, and flew home Monday morning. Such a great weekend!