Monday, June 16, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Ryan is taking swimming lessons with his friend, Helen. We have been meeting at her house (she has a pool) three afternoons a week.

You may remember that last year, Ryan met my summer goal to jump off the side/diving board by the end of summer. This year I was hoping to get him swimming a bit more independently. When we went to Nashville over Memorial Day weekend, he swam iun the hotel pool and would not let go of Scott and I. Last Monday, he jumped right in Helen's pool and went to town in his swim vest. He's been almost non-stop ever since!

Some highlights:

Learning to use his arms:

Putting his face in the water and blowing bubbles:

Really jumping off the side of the pool:

And the diving board:

Floating on his back:

We also checked out Helen's grandfather's horses that live behind their house.


Katy said...

Go Ryan!!

The Hanlons said...

yeah for ryan

amy - link to sarah's blog after you read mine...hee hee