Monday, June 23, 2008

Proud Mama

Ryan started his first summer camp today-tumbling. My friend Kellie is in charge of summer camps and she told me last week that I could not be one of "those moms" who could not leave their child behind. I assured her I would not be (especially after she called me on it :) ), but I was nervous. I have always walked Ryan into school, he hasn't done the carpool drop off before. She said I could walk him up the first day, but that was it.

This morning Ryan seemed a bit more excited about "gynastics" than he had over the weekend and I told him that the big boys just kiss their mommies and jump out at carpool. Could he do that? He seemed to think he could, but he would just "blow me a kiss."

We got there and he did just that. It helped that Kellie's son, Ryan's buddy, Arlan, was there for tumbling, too. He got out and never looked back. And when I picked him up, he proclaimed it "fun."

Kudos, too, to Kellie, for having such an amazingly organized system. Because of the info she sent me, I knew just where to go, she had people there to get kids out of cars, and camp signs up so the kids knew just where to go. Awesome!

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The Hanlons said...

YEAH to both of you! And now he'll be even more ready for PK - the question is - will you be?! =)