Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fishing Rodeo

A little disappointing. When I registered Ryan, I asked the guy if we absolutely had to get there at the 6 am starting time. He explained that they had been feeding the fish at that time, so they should be biting then. So we hauled ourselves out of bed way too early and headed over there. There were lots of people and we felt a bit out of our element. This was our first fishing rodeo and we were novice fishermen.
Ryan looked cute, he caught a little brim, and we learned a lot (mostly that we needed some other supplies to be successful). But we did not catch anything nearly as big as what those around us were catching. There were some BIG catfish. And I felt a little misled by the man who registered us, because I expected to catch fish one right after the other.

Well, the disappointment did not last long. After a short nap back home, Ryan and Scott went out to get some new supplies. Later that evening, they went back over to our little pond to fish. I got a phone call saying, "Bring over the camera!" Look what they caught:

Ask Scott to tell you the story sometime (he tells it better since he was there). We had never seen catfish in our pond, so as he's reeling it in, he's thinking he's got a log. Then, since it was moving, he thought, maybe a turtle (we saw two get caught at the finshing rodeo). He was shocked to see the catfish! Then Ryan caught two more on his little Scooby-Doo rod, but they were too strong and broke his line before he could get them.

Now we need to learn how to gut them and cook them!

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JenniferL. said...

I love that Scott will call you and pose for the memorable pictures. Great husband to the scrapbook queen! And what a great fish.