Saturday, June 07, 2008

A few hikes with Katy

Yesterday we went to Great Falls (Maryland) and hiked the Billy Goat Trail. This is a short trail (1.7 miles) but very tricky because of all the rocks you have to hike over. It is one of my favorite local trails. I tend to do well with balance when it comes to rocks and stuff, but I forget that some folks do not (Diane, if you are reading this I have not forgotten "Death March 200-whatever!"). Here's one of the views of the Potomac River:

Today, despite warnings of 97 degree heat, Katy and I went to Sky Meadows State Park (Virginia) and hiked up to the Appalachian Trail. I hiked up first, came back to an intersection point, thinking we were going back down from there, but we met soemone who said it would be worth it to complete the loop, so we went back up. We met someone through-hiking, and had a cool conversation with her.

I tried out my new bendy tripod with my new tiny point-and-shoot camera:

Then took some with Katy:

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cory said...

impressive! i can't believe you hiked on that very. hot. day. You look happy!