Friday, May 09, 2008

You never know when a camera will come in handy

I took my camera with me today thinking I would take some pictures at Ryan's school. I was glad I had it when Ryan yelled, "Look, mommy, a turtle!" There was a decent size turtle crossing the road in front of our house.

Ryan and I swung into action like the Wonder Pets and saved the day. We picked up the turtle and carried him across the street to the pond in the next neighborhoos where he quickly disappeared into the water. Gooooo Wonder Pets! Yeah!

I remembered as I got to school, that it was my last day with one of my classes of seniors, so I was glad I had my camera to get their class picture (I try to do this with all the classes I teach). And, when I got out of my car at school, I was met with this sight:

It was tent raising day! Not an official day at school or anything, but I like it. It means graduation is right around the corner! Exciting!

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nanny said...

GO Wonder Pets!!!! Yeah