Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Successful Soccer Season

A few weeks ago, Ryan asked me, "Why did you sign me up for soccer? I want to play baseball."

I tried to explain to him that we did not know that at the time and just wanted to try something out; that we would be sure to play baseball the next opportunity that we had, although it would probably be next spring.

This was followed by a continued insistence that he did NOT want to play soccer. For a few days, he switched and said he did. This was after scoring a goal in practice and seeing the "big boys" play (my students won the regional championship last Tuesday night and will be heading to Nashville tomorrow for the state semis and hopefully championships!). But then, he was back to not wanting to, even as we signed him up anyway at his last game last Saturday.

Then came the soccer dinner (which I had to miss, so here's the recap):

Me (after Ryan comes out first thing this morning to show me his trophy): Did you have fun with your friends?

Ryan: Yes!

Me: So, do you want to play soccer again in the fall?

Ryan: Yes!

Me: Why?

Ryan: So I can get more trophies!

Whatever it takes! :)

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