Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ordinary Stuff

One of the things I miss about being away from our family and friends is the ordinary stuff. We get into town for vacations, and we have great times, but we miss lots of birthday parties, recitals, games, etc. I really feel like this weekend we got to partake of some of the ordinary, and it was so good!

After Rachel's first communion and the party at her house, the sun came out, we played outside (guess what someone wants for his birthday?),

and then we went to Matthew's baseball game. Got some great action shots of him:

and of Alex, practicing lacrosse with Uncle Scott:

and of Ryan and Rachel, occupying themselves during the game:

We all had dinner together later that evening at Cheryl and Gene's, and got together one last time on Sunday to go to the park. I played tag with Alex and Matt, and we walked along the MA & PA (Maryland & Pennsylvania) trail. I wasn't planning on going back to MD this summer, but seeing Ryan having so much fun with his cousins, I may have to find time!

I also had an opportunity to hike up to the King and Queen seats in Rock's State Park. Talk about nostalgia. My first teaching job was in Harford County (where my sister-in-laws live). I drove through Rocks everyday on my way to North Harford Middle School. The view from the King and Queen seats is beautiful, and I was lucky to get away for a quick hike (Ryan slept until 9 am, can you believe that?!)

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