Friday, May 02, 2008

Next Stop...

After Mom-mom & Pop-pop's, we went down to our friend's, Larry and Lauren's to meet their new baby girl, Emily. Lauren was so gracious to not only have us over, but to invite a bunch of our other friends, as well. The weather was beautiful, so it turned into a great outdoor party!

Here's our friend Deb, holding Emily:

The big brother, Wesley (isn't he adorable?!):

Shane, keeping the kids occupied with a little soccer:

College Park friends, you will appreciate this: when I told Ryan we were going to see Mr. Shane, he asked, "Do we have a football?"

We left Larry and Lauren's to pick Scott's dad up at BWI airport (he was returning from a business trip), dropped him off at Marcy's where we stuck around a bit to help assemble new patio furniture for the first communion party the next day. Ryan is having a blast with his cousins!

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