Sunday, May 18, 2008


I had the pleasure of celebrating with my students and their families this past weekend as the Class of 2008 graduated from St. George's. I love this time of year, full of promise and freedom!

It is bittersweet this year, as I will not be going back to St. George's in the fall as a teacher. They were not able to find a part time position for me, so my intention is to drop Ryan off at school, then go over to the high school and tutor students during their study hall time. Should give me a lot more flexibility and maybe more money than I am making part time!

Didn't ever post these:

From February when Ryan got accepted to St. George's for Pre-Kindergarten (they send the contract and information in a special golden tube!). We weren't sure at the time where he was going (hard to make that decision when we did not know where I was going), but I took pictures, just in case! We are very excited for Ryan's adventures for next year!

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