Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blue Tongue

We went to a friend's for a BBQ. I think Ryan's favorite part was the cupcakes with blue icing.

Roly Polys

Can you see them in there?

How about now?

Ryan is turning in to quite the bug collector. Last week, he would find a roly poly or a lady bug while we were out and just hold it in his hand until we got home and he could put it in his bug catcher (at which time it was usually "asleep"). On Wednesday, he found "hundreds" of them at Parker's house, and Miss Emmy gave him a jar to bring them all home in.

A few more of Ryan

Ryan in a big tree on the way to a park outside of Franklin.

Crawling through a tunnel at the park outside of Franklin.

With the race car they drove into the Wildhorse Saloon while we were there.

With "Pete" the carriage horse's business card.

I yet another really, big chair (we're getting good at finding these!) in the Factory at Franklin.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend in Nashville

How many cities in the U.S. rhyme with Asheville? If anyone can find me one other than Nashville, I will send them a prize. Why? Because Mark, Shelby, Scott, Ryan and I need another city to go to for Memorial Day Weekend 2009.

You see, last year we went to Asheville.

This year, we went to Nashville. See the pattern?

Here are some highlights. Friday evening we met Mark and Shelby there, went to the Wildhorse Saloon downtown (where Richard Marx was doing a sound check for his show that evening...pretty cool).

Then we wandered through the Opryland Hotel.

Where's Ryan?

There he is!

Saturday, we did not stand in line at Pancake Pantry (one of these days), but had a fabulous breakfast at Noshville's (PP must be really good, because I cannot imagine something better than Noshville's!). We explored bicentennial park and centennial park, home of the Parthenon.

We took a few funny pictures there.

Saturday afternoon and evening we walked through Franklin, where we met Shelby's aunt and uncle for dinner at the Mellow Mushroom and dessert at Ben & Jerry's. Someone loves his chocolate ice cream!

Sunday we toured the Country Music Hall of Fame where we saw a banjo demonstration. The singer was hilarious!

Before dinner we went in search of a park Scott had seen on one of his previous trips to Nashville. After a few wrong turns, we found it!

Two other funny photos from the weekend. The first just happened, it really was not planned the way it looks. The second, Shelby and I did not know about until it was uploaded to the computer. Funny boys!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Successful Soccer Season

A few weeks ago, Ryan asked me, "Why did you sign me up for soccer? I want to play baseball."

I tried to explain to him that we did not know that at the time and just wanted to try something out; that we would be sure to play baseball the next opportunity that we had, although it would probably be next spring.

This was followed by a continued insistence that he did NOT want to play soccer. For a few days, he switched and said he did. This was after scoring a goal in practice and seeing the "big boys" play (my students won the regional championship last Tuesday night and will be heading to Nashville tomorrow for the state semis and hopefully championships!). But then, he was back to not wanting to, even as we signed him up anyway at his last game last Saturday.

Then came the soccer dinner (which I had to miss, so here's the recap):

Me (after Ryan comes out first thing this morning to show me his trophy): Did you have fun with your friends?

Ryan: Yes!

Me: So, do you want to play soccer again in the fall?

Ryan: Yes!

Me: Why?

Ryan: So I can get more trophies!

Whatever it takes! :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I had the pleasure of celebrating with my students and their families this past weekend as the Class of 2008 graduated from St. George's. I love this time of year, full of promise and freedom!

It is bittersweet this year, as I will not be going back to St. George's in the fall as a teacher. They were not able to find a part time position for me, so my intention is to drop Ryan off at school, then go over to the high school and tutor students during their study hall time. Should give me a lot more flexibility and maybe more money than I am making part time!

Didn't ever post these:

From February when Ryan got accepted to St. George's for Pre-Kindergarten (they send the contract and information in a special golden tube!). We weren't sure at the time where he was going (hard to make that decision when we did not know where I was going), but I took pictures, just in case! We are very excited for Ryan's adventures for next year!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


This is one of the Heber Springs, Arkansas houses we unsuccessfully put a bid on a few months ago:

This is the house after last weekend's storms:

I can't believe it. And, apparently, this was one of the lucky houses, some lost their roofs, some were completely destroyed.

This has been a crazy tornado season.

Happy Mother's Day!

My boys took good care of me today. They made me waffles for breakfast (and cleaned it all up!). Ryan helped wrap and sign his gifts.

After being well-behaved at church, we tried for a nice Mother's Day photo.

We were not too successful.

We did have a relaxing dinner outdoors with the McClain's.

Parker and Ryan kept each other busy, so we got to visit with Bill & Emmy for quite awhile. A nice end to a nice day!

Purple flowers

Irises, pansies, and clemetis blooming in our yard!

And with the new mulch we hauled on Friday and the mowing Scott did today, I'd say we're looking good. Yard of the month maybe?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Crawfish Boil

Our friends, the Pennington's, hosted their annual crawfish boil. A few crawfish kept Ryan and their daughter, Celia, entertained for pretty much the whole event.

Here's Celia pushing a toy ambulance around...

that was carrying this:

Still not sure how they got it in there, but someone said Celia was picking it up by its antennae. Poor thing prbably would've preferred the boil pot!

Friday, May 09, 2008

You never know when a camera will come in handy

I took my camera with me today thinking I would take some pictures at Ryan's school. I was glad I had it when Ryan yelled, "Look, mommy, a turtle!" There was a decent size turtle crossing the road in front of our house.

Ryan and I swung into action like the Wonder Pets and saved the day. We picked up the turtle and carried him across the street to the pond in the next neighborhoos where he quickly disappeared into the water. Gooooo Wonder Pets! Yeah!

I remembered as I got to school, that it was my last day with one of my classes of seniors, so I was glad I had my camera to get their class picture (I try to do this with all the classes I teach). And, when I got out of my car at school, I was met with this sight:

It was tent raising day! Not an official day at school or anything, but I like it. It means graduation is right around the corner! Exciting!

Catching Up

If you are checking in today, there are 5 new posts following this one. There's also one new creative post. It's May, and I have 20 students graduating (I hope) next weekend in addition to the 17 juniors who are just trying to finish up, so I am up to my eyeballs in grades, exams, and reviews. It's also beautiful here in Memphis and I think I would rather be outside playing (or lugging around the 3 cubic yards of mulch which were delivered this morning) than blogging. Once May is over, computer time should pick up. See you then!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ordinary Stuff

One of the things I miss about being away from our family and friends is the ordinary stuff. We get into town for vacations, and we have great times, but we miss lots of birthday parties, recitals, games, etc. I really feel like this weekend we got to partake of some of the ordinary, and it was so good!

After Rachel's first communion and the party at her house, the sun came out, we played outside (guess what someone wants for his birthday?),

and then we went to Matthew's baseball game. Got some great action shots of him:

and of Alex, practicing lacrosse with Uncle Scott:

and of Ryan and Rachel, occupying themselves during the game:

We all had dinner together later that evening at Cheryl and Gene's, and got together one last time on Sunday to go to the park. I played tag with Alex and Matt, and we walked along the MA & PA (Maryland & Pennsylvania) trail. I wasn't planning on going back to MD this summer, but seeing Ryan having so much fun with his cousins, I may have to find time!

I also had an opportunity to hike up to the King and Queen seats in Rock's State Park. Talk about nostalgia. My first teaching job was in Harford County (where my sister-in-laws live). I drove through Rocks everyday on my way to North Harford Middle School. The view from the King and Queen seats is beautiful, and I was lucky to get away for a quick hike (Ryan slept until 9 am, can you believe that?!)