Monday, October 29, 2007

Prayers Please

Blogs seem to be a wonderful way of reaching people and spreading news. I have a prayer request. A woman with whom I worked at my very first teaching job had a baby boy named Wyatt earlier in the month. He has had to stay at Johns Hopkins hospital because of a hole in his diaphragm. He is getting better every day, but still has a ways to go. Any prayers are appreciated.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Washing Dishes

Ryan took it upon himself to wash dishes for us today. We had a lot of them because Scott was making chili, yum!

The Hanlons came over to watch the Redskin's game with us (and eat chili) and it was good to have them there for distraction from the very bad Redskin's game! As one of my students sarcastically said, "The Redskins played on Sunday?"

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween Weekend!

I am finally getting into the Halloween spirit. I have decorated and we participated in a few events today that celebrate the holiday.
First, the whole family carved pumpkins!

Then, Ryan put on his dragon costume (you can't hear it, but he is roaring in the picture below) and paraded around the neighborhood with lots of other neighborhood kids and parents.

Later that night, we went to ZooBoo with our friends Melissa, Doug, and Mason.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Big Slide

Last spring I started thinking about the fun things I did growing up. Many of them I can share with Ryan...a trip to the zoo, to the playground. But there were things that I did where I grew up that would be hard to share with Ryan since he's growing up in Memphis. Don't get me wrong, he won't know he missed these things, and there are plenty of things here that he's experiencing that I did not.

For some reason one thing that stuck in my head was the Big Slide. Our neighborhood had picnics at this mythical place when I was a kid, and as a teenager, I rediscovered it and snuck in a few times. It's just a big old wooden slide, but I just remember it being so fun. So, crazy girl that I am, Ryan and I drove up there after driving Scott to the airport today. There were a bunch of people there, so Ryan only wanted to go down once. We spent the rest of the time having a picnic among the trees. The fall colors were beautiful up there and I can't wait for them to catch up down here.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Babygate 2007

After our trip to Asheville, we ventured to Maryland for family time and Homecoming. (Yes, we are still working in between our adventures!)

We started out with a relaxing time with Scott's family, just hanging out and playing. All of Ryan's cousins had off on Friday, so we had lots of time with them. Grammy and Grandad drove up from Ocean City and surprised everyone with their new convertible! Thanks to the Foley's for housing us again!

Saturday was a beautiful day at University of Maryland, and we spent all day there!

We met our friend Marsha, her husband, Ken, and new son, Joe (she was pregnant when I saw her in July) and went to Ratsi' bad that I do not even remember how to spell that. *Marsha- I need your pictures from lunch. This is the best I have!* We got to walk around downtown College Park. Went shopping at the Book Exchange and got Ryan a new MD jersey for the game.

Met up with Aunt Katy and walked around campus. Had our picture taken with one of the Testudo statues in the Union.

More shopping at the Book Center where Ryan got "Beat the Caveliers" stickers to give out. He was saving one all day to "give to the turtle." So sad that we were up on the upper deck where the turtle never came.

Finally, it was time to tailgate. After much discussion, we found a great spot along the grass where all the kids could run around safely while we ate, drank, threw the football, and talked. I need to collect pictures from all my friends, but here are a few of my favorites:

How many engineers does it take to put up a tent?

Shane makes a great babysitter!

Ainsley ties up Ryan (the jump rope was a very popular toy at the tailgate!).

The "babies" of Babygate 2007: Ainsley, Ketzel, Zoe, Harper, Ryan and Wesley.

And then there was the very late football game.

God bless my friends who always humor me about getting to the game early enough to see the band's pregame show. Ryan was very into the beginning, but fell asleep during the second quarter. Mom B and I headed back up to Bel Air, while Dad B and Scott stuck around. By the time I arrived, UVA had just scored in the final seconds, beating us. The only black spot on the day!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Here come lots of pictures. We went to Asheville to meet up with the Cory, John and Noah.

Checked out the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway, then drove a bit farther along to Craggy Gardens for a chilly picnic lunch.

Wandered around Black Mountain the next day with my parents who drove up from Charlotte. Mostly chilled out at our cabin, feeding with Noah,

feeding squirrels (they came onto our deck and when we opened the door, they tried to come in!),

playing with water balloons,

relaxing in the hammock,

warming up in the hot tub,

making and watching videos (if you have not seen Evan Almighty - I highly recommend it- great message!)

Ryan loved playing behind our cabin on the putting green. He wasn't interested in golf, but on the flag from the hole. He was so into running back and forth with that flag!

And right before we got off of Route 40 in Asheville, we got through to Absolutely Mindy at XM Kids and requested "I'm driving down highway 40 in my big ol' pick up truck." She even said it was for Ryan!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bee Sting

Ryan got his first bee sting while we were in Asheville. It was actually a yellow jacket. We were eating outside (perfect for the two little boys in our group) and he was waving at one. He cried, it swelled, but all-in-all, not too bad.

The broom Gramps bought him (see it in the picture?) helped keep his mind off of it too.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fall Break

Fall Break means...

Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast,
flowers picked just for Mommy (from our Knock-out roses, Mom!),

popsicles and running around the backyard,

and the zoo with our friends (which I do not have any pictures of). It also involved an evening trip to the special late clinic for wha turned out to be an ear infection, but we got medicine and are still planning to go to Asheville tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I didn't know you could get this at Target!

After emptying my bags from a trip to Target today, I found Ryan trying to get in one.

"Look what you got at Target!" he said.

A sneak peek

I've finally been working on decorating our bedroom. Painted, hung up Ikea shelves (that I got when visiting Katy a year ago!), and bought new bedding and curtains this weekend. The only thing missing is the furniture we ordered: bedside tables, a dresser, and a chest. Once we have that, I'll post more pictures.

Monday, October 08, 2007

"Go Bish"

Ryan got some Go Fish cards from "Pizza Guys" last weekend, and he is learning to play. He and I played with his Thomas cards today.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Where's the body?

No, no one died in our driveway. That's just Scott & Ryan playing with sidewalk chalk.

Catching Up

Can't believe I haven't been taking pictures lately. I've been relying on some other people for photos of recent events, and now that I've gathered them, I can share them with you!

Last Saturday, we took our time doing stuff in the morning, and finally made it out to the Bartlett Celebration (in the heat of the midday!). Ryan checked out the petting zoo, rode a horse, jumped in the moon bounce, and rode a train.

He also conquered a fear of his and gave a character in costume a high-five! Many of you know, he loves to see these characters from far away, but wants nothing to do with them up close. This was huge for him!

Later that evening, Scott & Ryan had some boytime (including a trip to Stevi B's!)

while I had a girl's night out! Archiver's (a chain scrap store) just opened in Memphis, and I visited with a bunch of my girlfriends. Of course, we took pictures (and the ladies at the store totally understood our need to do this). A few of the girl's went a little crazy and posed in the Archiver's aprons! After spending two hours in the store (OMG! some of you are thinking, but that is why I went with this particular group of ladies. I know there are those of you out there who can not imagine two hours in a scrapbook store!), we went out for dessert. Very fun evening!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Today is the

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

I read about it on this blog. Basically, some of these more professional bloggers out there (can you believe people make money off of this by having ads on their blogs? I am now so behind on this!) have noticed a drop in comments. They believe there are lots of you "lurking" out there-reading our blogs, but not commenting.

So today, comment! Take a minute, say hello! Let me know you are here!