Tuesday, August 28, 2007

While Mommy was out...

...playing bunco, Daddy and Ryan went to a Redbird's game!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


There's a new little icon on my blogger toolbar that I think will allow me to upload a video right here and stop fighting with You Tube. So, if it works, you should all now be able to see Ryan jumping off the diving board at the Hanlon's house!

Editted: Oh yeah! It works! Expect to see many more videos!!!

Parker's Birthday Party

Ryan helped his buddy Parker celebrate his birthday Saturday. Parker is in his class at Little Georgies; his dad works at SG with me and his mom works at the lower school. They live up here in Bartlett and we all carpooled last year and got to be pretty good friends.

The party was at Parker's great-grandparents house where the kids got to swim,

play ball (that's another buddy, Nicolai),

eat ice cream and cake (this may be Ryan's first ice cream cone),

eating bubbles (so funny: one girl was chasing the bubbles with her tongue after they came out of the bubble machine. I think Ryan figured it was just easier to get them right at the source!).

and ride around on a golf cart!

Then there was the pinata! Parker's mom, Emmy, found a great one where the kids pull strings to make it open instead of beating it (and sometimes each other) with a stick. Parker pulled the first one.

But Ryan got the one that opened it.

Emmy helped a bit.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Early yesterday morning

Ryan was getting into his car seat (a very slow process these days) and bumped his head on the ceiling of our minivan.

Me: Ryan, you're getting too big. You won't be able to get in like that much longer.

Ryan: Mommy, we should get a convertible.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I am walking my caterpillar

This morning was Ryan and my first true part-time day. Unfortunately, he did not get the memo that we didn't have to be at school until noon and awoke at 6 am, but we went out for a walk (before the heat set in), so it wasn't all bad.

Side note: When he gets up in the morning, he is no longer staying in his room calling, "Momma!" He now gets up, goes to the refrigerator, gets himself a drinkable (yogurt smoothie thing), goes into the silverware drawer, gets himself a straw, then comes into our room and gets into bed with us.

So this morning while we're at home enjoying our extra time, I notice it's a bit quiet. I call for him and he answers from his room. It's dark, so he has turned on his flashlight. I ask what he is doing and he tells me he is walking his caterpillar.

Still waiting for Daddy to return from a trip to Nashville, Ryan and I went to the Y tonight for a little swimming. No 90 degree pool water there! It was chilly. So nice to feel that! Couldn't convince the little man to go down the slide, but he did jump off the side wearing his Nemo inner tube all by himself...no holding hands, no catching!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Look Ma, No Hands!

Not the best picture, but youtube is not letting me upload stuff for some reason (Abbie, did you jinx me? You use photobucket for video now?). So here's a blurry picture of the little man jumping off the diving board WITHOUT holding anyone's hands!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Open for business!

Scott's latest property passed the fire marshall's inspection Wednesday, then got the certificate of occupancy from the building inspector yesterday. Soon after they rented their first unit! Here's what the vault now looks like:

I took the pictures in the late afternoon glaring sun that is gracing Memphis right now (eight 100 degree + days in a row and counting), so the colors may not be very clear. Some of you got to tour this place with us back in the winter before the interior demo and construction began. The transformation is amazing! I'm so proud that Scott had a hand in a little bit of revitalization in Midtown.

The first time we walked through without flashlights, Ryan asked where the chickens were. I was very confused. Why would he associate chickens with this facility? It was no where near a farm. We hadn't eaten chicken here. Then I walked into one of the units, looked up and saw this

Ah! Chicken wire. Last time we visited I had asked Scott how they were going to keep people from climbing over their unit into someone else's (there are no ceilings on the individual units). Chicken wire. Ryan is still asking when the chickens are coming.

Monday, August 13, 2007

First Day

Today was Ryan's first day at Little Georgies! My school has started a daycare for employee's children and we decided to move Ryan there so he would get a taste of something more like preschool. We've been talking about it all summer...about how he is going to school, that it's called Little Georgies, that his friends Parker and Kate will be there.

So this morning, we rode there with Parker and Parker's Mommy, Emmy. He went in, seemed a bit nervous (he has the cutest little nervous laugh lately), gave me a kiss good-bye and was fine! When I picked him up, I was told he was "happy and cooperative" and he told me it was fun and that he'd like to go back tomorrow! Hooray!

Here are Ryan and Parker this morning:

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cake for Breakfast

Part of our reason for journeying to Mobile this weekend was to celebrate Mom's 60th birthday. And what better way to do that than to eat Birthday Cake for breakfast?

Then it was more time in the pool, more jumping off the diving board, and finally floating without holding anyone's hands! Ryan just got Nemo (his inner tube) and climbed down the steps and kicked around the pool!

Here we all are saying hello to those special people not here with us (Scott, Kirk, Elizabeth, Sarah and Jason come to mind!).

Friday, August 10, 2007

Look Daddy!

Look what Ryan did today:

Multiple times and went under water! Woo hoo! I knew we'd get him off the diving board before the end of summer!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

More from Fairfield Glade

The rest of the week we boated and fished:

We swam in the lake:

The kids mini-golfed while Marcy and I took advantage of the tax-free shopping weekend in Tennessee at the Crossville outlets. So good to go shopping with a fellow teacher who can give you good advice about your clothing choices- Thanks Marcy!

And we celebrated Uncle Mike's birthday!

All around it was a super relaxing week. Everybody got to do something they liked- golf, shopping, scrapping (both Marcy and I got projects done), hiking, swimming, fishing. When we got home yesterday, we didn't feel like we needed a vacation from our vacation- so nice.

Now I've got projects to finish in the last week before going back to school. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Falls and Fish

It always amazes me when I can find beautiful sites of nature so close to very non-beautiful, man-made creations. For example, the Anacostia River bike trail that winds around PG county by University of Maryland winds you through some lush green areas, smack dab in the middle of some bad parts of town. When you're in one setting, you almost don't even know the other exists.

We found a place like that today. Ozone Falls just off of route 40 by Crab Orchard, Tennessee. A 100-foot waterfall. Here's Scott's view from the top:

And a view from a little lower:

And some shots of us playing in it:

Later, the ladies went for pedicures while everyone else went fishing! They caught 7 fish, but had to throw them all back.