Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer's here!

I am officially on summer vacation, which means Ryan and mama's fun time has begun! We went and signed up for the YMCA so we can take advantage of their fun outside pool! Ryan was a bit skeptical when I put his trunks on him (this is our first time without swimmie diapers) and even more so when I wanted him to get in the water, but he eventually got in and was jumping off the sides holding my hands!

P.S. The boys did make it all night in the tent! I saw Ryan poke his head out through my bedroom window at about 6 am. They came inside real quick, but then went out to breakfast and I got to sleep until 8:30! Thanks honey!

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cory said...

YAY! I was thinking about them. What a fun night! Lucky Ryan and lucky Scott. And LUCKY MOMMA!!