Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 2

Outside our hotel in Knoxville, about to get back on Route 40 for another few hours. Apparently we like sticking out our tongues...perhaps this will become ur little trademark for this trip.

Ryan and I know Route 40 fairly well after our many car trips. We know the good stops, we know that the clock changes from Central time to Eastern time around mile marker 340. We also know that there are two tunnels once you cross into North Carolina!

Ryan likes those! Looking forward to other tunnels on our trip: in Baltimore and the big Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on our way home in a few weeks.

We got on the radio this morning! We called in to XMKids and talked to Kenny Curtis who played the Highway 40 song for us. Ask Ryan to sing it for you next time you see him.

Our first visit of the trip came this afternoon outside of Raliegh, North Carolina. We spent a few hours with my friend Kirsten and her new baby, Mae.

From there it was on through some storms, north on Route 95 to Richmond to Cory and John's!

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