Monday, June 25, 2007


With a successful night in the backyard, we thought we were ready to try the great outdoors! We went to Shelby Forest (northwest of us on the Mississippi River) which is still close enough to drive home should we decide it's not working out.

Everyone was excited. Scott & Ryan spent all Saturday morning getting the supplies together and loading the car. We got there (funny pictues as I checked us in)

and set up camp. Scott and Ryan collected wood,

Scott cooked dinner,

Ryan prepped the fire,

and roasted marshmallows.

The whole evening we sat around saying how fun it was and how we needed to do it again, maybe in September when it was cooler and we didn't have to sit quite so far away from the fire.

However, things took a slight turn at bedtime. Ryan took awhile to settle down (can deal with that), the air mattress got a leak (can buy a new one), and the mosquitoes got me pretty bad (need to buy new bug spray). So, not a disastrous end, but enough so that when Ryan awoke at 6am and the bugs were still biting, I was ready to make breakfast and head home.


Aunt Gus said...

Looks like it was a success trip in my opinion. For the mosquitos, try Bounce fabric softener. I am a mosquito magnet, and when I started using Bounce (rub all over) it contained the "attack" as well as anything AND it is non toxic and smells much better.
In any case, I think that it's time for a travel trailer!! Love ya

cory said...

Good times! Thanks for sharing the photos. Sorry about the mosquitos!

nanny/mom said...

Your Dad is a mosquito magnet you know where you get it from. Looks like you had fun anyway. Loved the pictures!
Love you guys.