Friday, March 30, 2007

Do you ever?

Do you ever stop marveling at how big they are getting? Mom- do you still think about this with Katy and I?

I have two nephews who are 10 & 9, so I know how big Ryan's going to get. I teach high school juniors and seniors, so I see everyday how big my boy is going to get.

But the other morning, I had to take this picture so someday I will remember that he used to be small enough to eat at this table.

And two nights ago I took this one in which Ryan is wearing 3T pj's which I bought thinking they'd be too big for awhile.

This was the same day he had a 3 minute conversation on the phone with me. One that included questions from him like, "How was school?" and answers too.

So, will I ever stop marveling at how big he's getting? I hope not!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Charlotte's Web, North Carolina

Me: Ryan, we're going to see Nanny and Gramps for Easter.

Ryan: Where? (this question is second only to "Why?" in our house right now.)

Me: They live in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Ryan: Charlotte's Web?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sleeping Bag Fun

Ryan found my sleeping bag yesterday and was willing to clean up all his other toys in order to play with it. He wanted to be zipped up inside and proceeded to move around like a little purple amoeba.

For more, click here:

I have tried emailing video in the past and this seems like it might be a better option for you to see fun videos of Ryan. But it is my first try, so if it doesn't work, let me know!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mourning the loss of Spring Break

Just not as much time to do the things I'd rather be doing...

I have still been taking pictures and if I had had time and not been so tired this week, I would've blogged them, so let's just pretend.

Monday, March 19

I'm kind of wierd when it comes to airplane rides. I love looking out the window. I love trying to figure out where I am. And, since moving, I also occassionally get emotional when flying into Maryland or back into Memphis. So I thought I'd take some fun pictures on my flight back.

This is just out the window, neat shot of the clouds.

This is my home! For those of you who haven't been here, see the water tower? Now, see the intersection just to the right and up from the base of the water tower? Go straight through that intersection and turn right when it ends. As you follow this street, it turns a corner to the left. We live on that corner! That's our house!

Couldn't see it? Try this view:

I passed over the house at 6:10 pm, which was when Scott and Ryan were supposed to leave. Couldn't see the car, though.

Wednesday, March 21
In addition to being the first day of spring (I think), we heard today that friends of ours, Chris and Kristin Maynard welcomed their son, Caden Joseph to the world last night!

Congratulations you guys!
Friday, March 23
There are some mornings when dropping your child off at daycare is the hardest thing in the world. The mornings you can still hear them crying when you are outside of the daycare. The mornings that you have to pull yourself back together before you reach work because you too have been crying, missing your baby and wondering how all the other working moms do it.

Then there are the mornings when your child says, "Wait, Mommy! One more hug!" and comes running toward you, arms outstretched, and just holds on. We had that kind of morning this morning. It's going to be a good day!

(and it was! see i can tell you that because i'm blogging this a day later!)

Saturday, March 24

My brilliant boy is learning (or knows?) the difference between big and little. We got these Zamboni banks last night at the River Kings hockey game and this morning Ryan wanted to put all his money in them. He sat down and told me that the bigs ones were going in one and the little ones in the other, and really sorted them! The quarters in one and the pennies and dimes in the other!

Then we went outside to do some yard work. Poor Scott had to do the "first mow of the season." This is always the worst- mowing away the dead grass takes forever and makes a dusty mess! Ryan and I planted flowers and watered. While doing this, someone tripped and got what might be his first major skinned knee:

It's not really as bad as it looks on his face. I think he was milking it for the camera.
The other productive item from today was the Mothers of Multiples Children's Clothing Sale. We found a ton of stuff when we went with mom & dad last year, and I was not disappointed this year! The best part? It's going to be a Thomas Birthday!

Found this brand new for almost half of what the Target sticker that was on it said! I've been thinking about gettin ghim trains this year- every time we go anywhere with a train table, he is occupied for long periods of time- so I couldn't pass it up. So if anyone needs birthday ideas (I know it's still months away), here you go!

By the way, don't tell Ryan! Obviously, he won't be reading it here!

Off to watch Memphis vs. OSU!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Family and Friends

Here I am in Northern Virginia. Missing my boys, but having fun with my girls. I couldn't blog earlier, because one friend did not know I was here! More about that in a minute.
First, I left warm Memphis weather for this:

Actually, it was warm up here, too, until I got here. I was semi-prepared, but not boots-and-mittens prepared! This is outside of The Crab Shanty where Katy and I met our family Friday night to celebrate my grandfather's 85th birthday! We then braved a snowy route 40 back to their house for cake and ice cream!

So good to see family and celebrate!

Then on Saturday it was off to another part of Virginia to surprise my dear friend Cory for her baby shower! So good to hear her squeal with delight upon seeing Tammy and I come up the walk!

Had the privilege of spending the day with some of her and John's best friends and get to know them better. And, I got to see the first copy of her new book! Way to go Cory!

Spending the last few hours with my darling sister, then back home to wrap up a glorious spring break!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Still more Spring Break Fun!

It's amazing how many pictures you can take when you don't have to work. Our wonderful weather has continued making it possible to play in the yard and go to the zoo. Check out how Ryan's been spending Spring Break:

Playing with Lincols Logs,

Typing (me: Ryan, what are you doing? Ryan: I typing.),

Going to the zoo with his friends, Mason and Kate (couldn't get them to all three turn around at once, so a photo of all three from behind will have to do .),

And playing in the yard, waiting for daddy to come home! Daddy taught him how to walk on the edges like this!

Today, we are going to go have lunch at Daddy's office to watch a certain game that I won't speak of here, since last time it jinxed us. Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, March 12, 2007

More Spring Break Fun!

While I was cleaning up this morning, Ryan played with his "gates." He sets these up in doorways and tells us to stop. Then he "opens" one side to let us through. The cool thing is, where he has set this one up, it wouldn't stay. So my smart boy moved a chair to hold it up. You never think they get it, but they really do!

And speaking of smart, last night in the tub he told me he was drawing a "triangle." I ran to get my camera, came back and it had been partially colored over, but you can still kind of see it. Making his math-teacher-mama so proud!

Today, we had five friends over for a play date. It was beautiful, so we spent about half the time outside. Mr. Bill (who works with me, rides in carpool with Ryan and I and is Parker's (orange shirt) daddy) piled in to the hammock with a few of the kids!

Finally, we got a surprise package from Aunt Katy. Goodies for me and for Ryan. Thanks Katy!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The things we did today...

Third post in one day. Catching up and getting ahead. Must be on Spring Break!

Today we...

Played with play-doh (thanks Aunt Marcy!),

cleaned out the garage,

and Ryan cut the grass. :)

And there's still more fun to be had today, I am sure. Scott's out golfing. Ryan is napping (Hallelujah!). We have the selection show tonight that we will be watching carefully as our former home team and our adopted home team are both up for high top-seeds! Go Terps and Tigers! Who knows what the rest of the day has in store. Stop back tomorrow and see!

Spring Break and Hockey!

What a fun way to start Spring Break.

First of all, got all my school work done on our Friday half day! Then, left in the glorious sunshine to go get Ryan and go for a bike ride (thanks again for the great bike seat Aunt Cheryl!) along the Wolf River. That evening we all went to see the Memphis River Kings beat the Oklahoma City Blazers.
Ryan got this light up necklace, and wanted me to take a picture of the back, too. He spent most of the game taking it on and off himself and me.

Things change

I'm realizing it's been awhile since I've seen some folks, especially my mom, dad and sister. How do I know? Because I've gotten my hair cut twice, and they haven't seen it. It may sound strange, but I got a new style back in January, took pictures intent upon emailing them or blogging them, didn't, and then last weekend, got it cut again back to my normal style. Not earth shattering or anything, just a little sad that time has passed, things have changed and I haven't seen you guys!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ryan Pictures

Just a few pictures of our growing boy.

So strong!
Finally went through all the clothes Aunt Cheryl and Alex sent home with us at Christmas (Thanks Aunt Cheryl and Alex!!) and found some picture worthy items.

These are the pj's that Ryan's cousins both wore one Christmas. They must have been younger than Ryan, because he's a bit too big for them.

Then there's a jersey from Uncle Gene's favorite team.

Don't the University of Memphis pom-poms complete the outfit? Finally, we got some hail last weekend while Grammy & Grandad were visiting! It wasn't very big hail, but I've never seen so much of it!

Other updates, my school's team lost in the state finals. At the same time, Maryland won over NC State and they are saying we are one of the hottest teams in the nation right now (jinx!). And soon after that, our women lost in the semis of the ACC tourny.

It's March, and I've caught the madness!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

What we've been up to...

There was this:

This is me with two of my dear teacher-friends at Team Trek last week with our junior class. I actually did a whole lot more than just pose for funny pictures, but got none of it on film. I participated in a trust fall, rappeled off a 100 foot cliff and did a great hike (unencumbered by backpack or camera) to a beautiful rock outcropping and arch.
Then there was this:
Which has kept my classes a little empty as students went off to Nashville to cheer them on. I wish I could go too, but grades and taxes are the final thing keeping me busy this week (and weekend).
There's also some outside time with Ryan in there, but those pictures are still on the camera and will have to wait for another time.
Spring Break's just around the corner (hooray!!).