Saturday, February 24, 2007

Helpful Little Guy!

I have been meaning to post this. We've had visitors in town the last two weekends and Ryan has been so helpful getting ready. I'm sure it's just a phase, but he seems to like helping clean up (most of the time!).

A week before John and Cory arrived, I was cleaning the fridge (needed to throw out leftovers, not really cleaning it for guests). When Ryan asked what I was doing and I explained to him, he took it upon himself to start putting his big trucks back in his room because, "John and Cory coming."

Didn't get a picture of that, but he continued to clean...

Also wanted to include another shot of cute, pregnant Cory and her godson. He wasn't too keen on kissing the baby in her belly (I really tried!), but he did give Cory quite a few hugs!

Monday, February 19, 2007

The things they say...

Conversation with Ryan in the car today:

me: Ryan, say "Happy President's Day!"

r: Happy Presents Day!


r: Is Santa coming?

me: No, Santa doesn't come for all holidays, just Christmas.


me: Oh, did you think I said "Presents Day?"

r: Yes.

Conversation continues as I try to explain to a 2-and-a-half-year-old what a President is.


We were so happy to have Cory & John in town for a quick visit this weekend. Nothing seems that most friends have been here often enough that we don't have to go out and be tourists (although we do like to go out and eat), but we can just hang out and be together. Maybe a little project or two, but no real agenda.

One project: refilling the bird feeders and the pine cone feeders.

Another project: washing the cars. Couldn't pass up this photo to make my dad proud.

And a cute one of Ryan and his Godmother, just so you can see her adorably cute belly! Thanks Cory and John, for coming to see us

Saturday, February 17, 2007

My first digital layout!

I have long considered myself a traditional scrapbooker. I like playing with paper and photos and sticking them into albums. But, last week, I made my first digital scrapbook (Creative Memories has started selling these and I really wanted to try it out before I promoted it to customers too much). It was a quick and simple experience and the product (which I received in the mail on Friday) was amazing! I used pictures of Ryan's two ringbearing gigs, so Aunt Sandy & Sarah- you'll want to see these! I'll bring them to Pop-pop's birthday party.

But now I've taken it to the next level. Cory is visiting this weekend and she is a long time digital scrapper. So this evening she showed me some of the basics. I am pleased to show you my first digital page:
Ta-da! (I know, Dad. I'm being a hot dog.)

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Birthday!

to Aunt Sandy! She's the queen!

And Happy Valentine's Day to all, too!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hide your eyes

Playing in Ryan's room today, he tells me to hide my eyes. He is not the best hide-and-seeker in the world, but he's learning, as evidenced in these photos. Can you see him in the first photo?

Pretty good hiding spot for someone his size, hmm? He still jumps out a bit early saying,"Here I am!"

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Favorite

I hear that when a child favors something, it goes everywhere. I have seen it in my little boy when it comes to books (we went from "Bear Wants More" before Christmas to "Polar Express" after Christmas to our current favorite "Put Me in the Zoo."), but this is the first toy we've carried everywhere. Probably because it comes in a handy-dandy backpack that Ryan has learned to put on by himself.
How serious is it? Last night the back pack (and all its contents) went to bed with Ryan.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Just for fun!

Every now and then Ryan doesn't chase, pull, hit at them and they don't run away.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Snow Day!

I don't quite understand the winter weather down here yet. Everyone says that when the forecasters really think it's going to snow, it doesn't and when they don't forecast much snow, it does.

So I should've known better Wednesday night. I did all the jinxes- bought rock salt and milk early and didn't finish my homework- so sure was I that we were getting a wintry mix and would not have school Thursday, maybe even Friday!! It's been so cold here, I thought the guys couldn't be wrong. And it had started snowing:

But when I awoke Thursday morning...nothing! Even worse, my parents and friends on the east coast were getting it (mom-I'm jealous of you reading and napping all day!). So off to school, made it through my day and planned to take Friday off at the last minute because Ryan is still sick! The forecast for Thursday night called for another round, but I wasn't fallin gfor it this time. I stayed up late getting my substitute plans all ready for Friday. When I went to bed, snow had started, but wasn't sticking to the roads.

Ryan awoke at 3 am and before I went to check on him, I looked out the window and SNOW!!! All over the yard and the road! Woohoo! No need to take a sick day or feel guilty. We had a Snow Day!

By the way, we visited the doctor and it seems the cold Ryan has had for the last week has lead to the inevitable ear infection. We are fortunate to not have these as often as some. So, we'll get the antibiotics and hopefully be healed soon!

How much snow/ice/wintry mix did you get?


I have a long list of decorating ideas that I'd like to tackle in our home, but I am more of a planner, and very slow on the execution. Bunco was scheduled to be at our house last Monday night and when I signed up for it back in November I thought, "What a great incentive to get some decorating done!" I thought the same thing every weekend in January. But it wasn't until last weekend that I finally did anything about it.

So last weekend, while Scott was in Maryland celebrating his sister's birthday, I painted! It was a full weekend of painting the three walls in our hearth room the same khaki (it's actually called "Harvest Brown") as I had done in the living room last March. I had the crazy idea to paint the wall with the TV and fireplace red. This was the beginning of the craziness.

First, when I went to buy the paint, the paint lady informed me that they recommended a coat of primer and then at least 2 coats of paint which took 8-12 hours to dry between coats! This is on Sunday morning- the day before Bunco. Oops! I bought the paint, got going on the primer, followed by the first coat.

Then Scott got home. He said he had no recollection of me ever discussing painting one wall red. Oops again! After a bit of disagreeing, I pulled out the "Harvest Brown" paint chip and we decided that a shade from the darker end would make a nice addition to the wall. So, I bought that, did two coats, and we're really happy with it. Plus, because Ryan was sick on Monday, I stayed home and got it done before Bunco! (if you look closely, you can see one wall is slightly darker. If you can't tell, you'll have to visit and see it in person!)

Next, I hung up some pictures I had taken while in Maryland last summer- close ups of Savage Mill, the stone staircase at the Cloisters in Baltimore, and a column at McKeldin library- some shelves (which still need pictures added to them, but I don't want to rush it), and the family wedding pictures my mom printed and framed for me last Christmas.

So, although I procrastinated until the last minute and was feeling a bit psycho Monday afternoon, I feel very good about having accomplished some of my decorating goals!