Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Scott!

My favorite guy in the world is 34 today! Happy Birthday, honey!

With it being a weekday, we didn't get to celebrate much today (we did go out to dinner), but we sang, had chocolate cake,

and opened a special present from Ryan on Sunday!

It (the present) is now circling the Christmas tree we bought on Sunday! Pictures of that soon (after we get more than the lights put on!).

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Visitors

So nice to have extra family in the house. There's something about having other people around...to help out, to prepare for, to cook fancier food for, to give Ryan attention, to get out and see things with...it's wonderful!

My mom & dad, my sister, Katy, mom's sister & brother-in-law (my aunt & uncle), Sandy and Kirk, all traveled to spend Thanksgiving with us and we have been having fun!!

Here are some shots from Turkey day:

Ryan is enjoying dragging a chair over to help in food prep lately, and Thursday was no exception. Scott did a great job on his turkey, as usual. I am so lucky to have married a man who likes to cook the turkey!

Friday was beautiful down here (I think it hit 70!), so we went to the Memphis Zoo. Took in the Polar Bears, Panda Bears, monkeys, snakes, and big cats. Here's the whole group ion front of the flamingos:
Hope your turkey was tasty!!

P.S. Mark- thanks for the big belly laugh from Scott's birthday card. HIL-arious!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Just wanted to give you a quick tutorial on comments (in case you're not used to the blogging world).

Click on "0 Comments" (or however many it may say) at the bottom of the post. From there, you shouldn't have to sign in or anything. Chose "other" and then fill in your name. Doesn't have to be your full name. You do not have to fill in your web page. If you chose anonymous, I will not know who you are unless you sign your name in the comment.

To read comments (which is fun because if I write a post about you, sometimes my other friends will send you messages in the comments-Cory :) ), again just click on "comments."

Thanks! Hope you had a great weekend!


It amazes me the people I have had and still do have in my life. Also makes me feel very blessed. Having lived in a few different places, gone to college, had a few teaching jobs, and now moved halfway across the country, I definitely have a diverse group of friends.

Some of you have been lucky enough to meet and it is with that in mind that I will be posting some baby announcements over the next few months. First, to celebrate for my dear friends welcoming new little ones, but also, to keep those I love connected.

I have a long list of friends due to have babies in the next six months. Three this month, so I've been waiting patiently, and got the first announcement today. There's a new little "niblet" in the world, Mark. Drew, Karen and Griffen welcomed a baby girl, MacKenzie, yesterday morning at 3 am. She's 7.5 lbs, 21 inches, which is a relief for her mom & dad, because her older brother was a preemie. Congratulations you guys!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


The property that Scott's been working so hard to get off the ground opened awhile ago, but today, we got to celebrate the official grand opening! The early morning thunderstorms cleared out and the sun shined down as Scott, Michael, Matt, a few of their managers, and some members of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce cut the ribbon to open Houston Levee Self Storage. Great job, honey! I'm so proud of your dedication and hard work to make this happen!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I think the only people who may really care about this are the ones who are coming to visit next week, but this is a picture of our freezer. And there's not even a turkey in there yet! The boxes on the bottom are because I finally made it to Charlie's and stocked up on some meat (it's in the wrong direction from work and closes at 6pm, and is closed on Sunday's, making it hard for me to schedule a trip there). Then I went out last night to a place called Super Suppers and made 6 meals (each split in half) for us!

This place was great! If there's one near you (or something like it) I highly recommend it. I went with 6 ladies I play bunco with, so it was a party atomosphere. The place lays out all the ingredients, displays the recipes, and all you have to do is prepare it! It was fun and in two hours, I have meals for a few weeks! I'll let you know how they taste once we try them out.

In other news, Ryan slept most of the night last night in his "big boy bed." He was sick yesterday and awoke at 11 pm last night. When I set him down on the twin in his bedroom to wipe his nose, he cuddled up, so I figured what the heck. By the time I got the bed rail out of the closet, he was almost asleep. He slept there until 5:45 am! So tonight, he decided he wanted to sleep there, too. Took a little while to get through his books, and he kept talking to me and asking questions after I left the room, but he stayed put. Cross your fingers he makes it all night!

For those of you who asked (and don't have kids and already know how it's done) here's how Ryan got out of the crib:Sneaky little monkey!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


We attempted to take Ryan camping for the first time last night. We went up to Shelby Forest, which is only 30 minutes away, knowing that if it didn't work, we could come home. We went with a whole group of friends, one who had a daughter close in age to Ryan. Here are Ryan and Daddy setting up:

It was cold here yesterday, but we warmed up with a nice hike. Then it was time for dinner- fried turkey!And, of course, there were smores for dessert!Ryan fell asleep in my lap by the campfire, but woke up and had a fit once we moved to the tent. After a few tries, we gave up, and went home for the night. Missed out on the 32 degree night, but came back in the morning to have breakfast and get our stuff.

Overall, we had a great time in the woods with friends. And Ryan loved the idea of the tent (he loved playing in it, just not sleeping in it) and camping. I think we'll have to try a camp out in our backyard before we go again. We also really enjoyed the campground- perfect for a little getaway!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Big Boy

Yesterday morning, when I went in to get Ryan up, he told me not to get him out of his crib, that he would do it. He proceeded to lean on the corner, swing his leg up onto the rail, and hoist himself onto the side. At this point, I grabbed him because I didn't want him to fall. I thought, 'Oh, no. It's the beginning of the end of the crib.'

We put him in bed last night and I was hoping he forgot about what had transpired earlier that day. Those of you with young kids are laughing, knowing this is never the case (those of you without toddlers, just wait, your day is coming!).

This morning, I heard him talking and went in to get him. I opened his door and was surprised to find him standing right there in front of me. I didn't hear him cry and he said he didn't fall, so I guess he got out ok. Funny, it's not really a big thing, and yet I felt myself looking at him differently this morning. Just another step toward independence.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Photo of the day!

This is the new home for photos of the day. This one is actually from last month, but I had to wait to get it from my friend Heidi. Scott was away for the weekend, so Ryan and I had a date at my school's homecoming football game.

It was a great time- the players were giving Ryan high fives, there was a drum line show at half time, another teacher friend announced Ryan's name over the PA, Ryan got some of those black stickers that the football players wear under their eyes (that's a picture for another day). We had a blast! And Heidi took this great picture of the two of us having fun.

Incidentally, we won that game...we've only lost one all season. This weekend we play in the state semi-finals! Go Gryphons!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Good Weekend!

What a glorious weekend for local (and by local, we mean where most of our readers live) football! The Terps and the Redskins kick game winning field goals in the final seconds to win! Woo-Hoo! There was much screaming here in Memphis!

Also, no cute Ryan photo, so here's a cute Ryan conversation:

Mommy asks Ryan,"Are you Ryan Beatty?"

Ryan replies,"No, I big boy."

I guess "Beatty" sounds too much like "baby" to his 2-year-old ears. And he's showing us more and more that he is NOT a baby!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy Anniversary & Birthday

November 1st marks my grandparents (aren't they cute!) anniversary and my cousin's birthday (that's her from over a year ago with her mom-my aunt).

Happy celebrations to you all!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or Treat!

It was a good night for trick or treating in Memphis. We had storms and rain on and off all day, but it stayed away from 6-8 pm for all the kids to have their fun. And it was definitely warmer than it is tonight!

Ryan and Scott walked around with our friends (that's Lily, Ryan, and Arlan in the wagon above) while I gave out candy at home. Ryan did great, saying "Trick or treat" and "Thank you."

Hope your Halloween's were good too!!