Saturday, October 28, 2006

Welcome to our blog!

After a few years of emailing out "Photo of the Day"s to our family and friends, I thought I'd give this blogging thing a try. This way those of you who love us can keep up with our happenings on your own time and check in whenever you like. Leave a comment- it will get emailed to me! We'd love to hear from you! So here we are, the Beatty's, Terps in Memphis.

And happy Terps tonight as Maryland beat Florida State for the second time ever, second straight win over them at home, and became bowl eligible for the season. Not saying it was the prettiest win, but we'll take it. And we should have won- FSU's not so great this year and we were at home! Hope they're behaving in College Park tonight!

Here's the last win. Two years ago. It was Babygate 2004- Ryan's first Maryland game. We thought he might be a good luck charm.

So bear with me as I get used to this thing. I'm looking forward to sharing fun photos and moments with you!!

Love from Memphis!


Anonymous said...

Hey Terps! Nice blog - you guys are so "with it". You missed a good game on Sat . . . right down to the wire. But man was it cold! Even Shane was regretting not having a blanket.

Looks like you guys are having fun getting ready for Halloween and the Deuce is lookin good in his Skins gear. Maybe he could suit up for the next game - they could use the help!

Have fun grabbin candy tomorrow night & get Fatty to post some pictures of the new projects - I'm jealous of all his new deals! Give one another a hug for me. Love ya-


Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! It will be nice to see how you guys are doing and check out all your latest doings. Love the Redskins sweats on Ryan. I'm sure people wonder why he isn't a Titans fan being in TN. Can't take the Washington out of the boy holds true!
Have a safe Halloween!
aunt e

Anonymous said...

Never mind all this Redskin stuff where are the Giants digs!!! LOL!!This is soooo cool.........I just love hearing from you guys and seeing pictures of the kids! They are getting so big!! Tomorrow is Gianna's first Halloween!! I am so excited. Taking l/2 vacation day and going trick or treating with my little pumpkin and the other grannie! Gianna is gonna be a Care Bear. All her play date friends are dressing as Care Bears and we are putting them in a wagon! I will send pictures!!! Love to your Parents!!! Love Joisey Cousin Rozie!!!

Anonymous said...

At first I couldn't see SCOTT!!! (hint hint) in the background of the carved pumpkins picture, but then I tilted my monitor and BOO!--the scariest face of 'em all! Enjoy the Trick or Treating and see you guys over the holidays!


Chris Maynard said...

Great idea Amy. I spent some QT w/ Mark B at the Terps game last PM. We were chatting about you while watching the Terps barely win against California U of Penn.

Let's hope they are better during the regular season. Hope to see you during the Holidays!