Monday, June 10, 2013

10 Things on the 10th: Inaugural Edition

1. I've had a post it in my school planner to remind me to do this for three or four months now. Finally doing it today!

2. I don't like the black and white in my current photo editor. I did this:


3. Jillian wanted this pony tail holder this weekend (thanks Aunt Gus!) and I realized her hairs finally thick enough for bigger (although not super big) hair bands! Scott is very happy because he does not like the little tiny ones!

4. We went to a "Day of Merrymaking" in Overton Park this weekend and they had fun photo props:

5. I need to figure out what the kids are getting Scott for Father's Day.

6. I have gotten everything for my sister's birthday present (next Monday!).

7. I had an idea for a way to display the kids Disney pins using canvases, but then my friend Paula suggested to use embroidery hoops. Here's what I came up with for Jillian:

and Ryan:

8. Went to the library today and got some reading for our next trip:

9. Playing in a rainstorm (without a tornado warning or lightening) is fun!

10. My kids are in to putting on shows right now complete with a stage, audience seating, and tickets. Today, Jillian sang "Come and Get It" (so appropriate, eh?):

and Ryan performed "Cups":

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2013: Week One

The day before 2013 started, we drove home from Maryland (actually from Northern Virginia). Used the timer app on my iphone to get this picture:

On New Year's Day, Jillian and I made mini cinnamon rolls:

Then it was back to school/work for everyone, which meant inservice for me:

Went to see my high school's girls and boys play basketball (both won!) and welcomed back a whole bunch of alumni:

Jillian got a replacement Christmas gift in the mail from Nanny & Gramps and dressed all her babies in their new outfits:

Ryan and Scott brought the trains back upstairs, added some new features, and dreamed about what pieces they wanted to buy next:

 The kings in a neighborhood near us (who move a little closer throughout advent), finally arrived, just in time for Epiphany!

And we were all suited up for the Redskins game. Sad about the outcome, but happy with the season!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

One more...

How could I forget this one? Finally shaved Scott's head before our trip to Arizona last June and he's kept it off!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

best of 2012

Happy New Year! Sorry it has been so long! Rather than going back to catch up, I am going to do a year-end best-of post. I totally stole it from Elise. So, take a look and enjoy!